The Boston Fallout

The news from these recent events in Boston continues to get wilder.

So much was happening so fast, that I wanted to wait to see more and more before commenting much further. I mean, this is one of the wildest stories ever. Two kids who were living the good life here in America, decided to go cray cray and harm a bunch of innocent, marathon loving fans, trying to celebrate what is apparently a big deal in Boston, Patriots Day.

How silly of a crime this is, considering it’s going to be on National TV – and as several news reporters have stated, this shows us how much surveillance is actually going on right now. They had to know they would be seen right? Then I read that after the fact, they think the older brother may have killed his former room-mates a year ago. Then You hear the stories of them car-jacking a man, and admitting to being the suspects who set off the bombs; a crazy gun-fight that kills one, leaving the other alive; only to have another shoot out, before arresting him.

This entire story has been WILD.

That’s all without the conspiracy theorists who were already expecting something fishy from day One. Who can blame them?

The fact that the only living suspect (or do we call him a new term now?) was shot in the throat and has been giving statements that are then, repeated for the media, does not help calm the conspiracy talk surrounding these very strange events in Boston. One of our writers recently informed me to keep an eye on RT as they cover news related to Russian Interests. Just a moment ago, we had some more news …

We’ll need to stay tuned, as more and more Fallout is on it’s way – as more and more news comes out, and more information is released, it seems for now we only being left with more and more questions, but not nearly enough real answers.