The Real Reason Henry Abbott is Bashing Kobe Bryant

The Real Reason Henry Abbott is Bashing Kobe Bryant

I just read the CBS Sports’ response to the ridiculous piece by Henry Abbott for ESPN – it’s an Awesome article —(read A breakdown of Anonymous Sources Take On Kobe Bryant)

Not sure how many folks read the Henry Abbott article that began all this; a clear response to Kobe calling the ESPN writers idiots for ranking him 40th; as I look at this, a life long Laker fan, I do have bias. I know (and have heard stories from people who work For him) that Kobe isn’t so concerned with pleasing other people —


However This is my Problem with This Society.

America is Soft.

The same issue that comes up in sports, comes up in business all the time too; This comes up in Churches; this issue comes up in Politics; We act like everyone has to be a people pleaser all the time and I Don’t know why we do that.

When someone is hired for a Job; all that truly matters is whether they get that job done; If the JOB is to be a nice person, that’s one thing; but when your Job is to get a task done; Your JOB is not to please people; Your job is to Get the Task done.

These reporters who keep blaming Kobe’s asshole-ness for the Lakers’ struggles – are missing the fact that Kobe has won 5 Championships in his 20 year Career; he’s taken the Lakers to Several Finals’ Appearances; all without ever having anyone to play with.

These articles come out saying Kobe is the reason Kobe has no quality talent to play with; But all of them, except this one – fail to place the blame where it actually goes; On The Lakers Management.

Me and fellow Laker Fans have looked over Past Drafts; where TOP Talent went Late; and the Lakers picked some no-name instead of someone who could’ve developed into a star.  You can’t say Kobe makes too much money either –

Pau Gasol and Bynum both made some Good Money while they were Lakers; And wasn’t this new article about how the Lakers had “Max Money” to offer Vets this off-season?? So why bring up the $48 Million?  When NBA Owners are making BIllions each year from Ticket Sales, Jersey Sales, Other Merchandise Sales, Concessions, and Television Contracts; why is so much negative Press written about the Players getting a piece of what THEY Helped Make!!!???

As a black man; This answer seems all too obvious to me.

We never see reports about Baseball Players making too much money.

I don’t recall ever hearing about how much money Hockey Players Make.

For some reason, he media loves to run and Report on how much money Black Athletes are Making though. I don’t know what Henry Abbott’s deal is; all I know is it would appear he’s got some kind of vendetta against the Black Mamba. In fact the way the Media treats Kobe really reminds me of how they’ve mistreated so many athletes over the years; I think they wanted to praise Kobe, but he’s not like “Mike” when it comes to the Media.

MJ historically has remained out of politics; but even more historically, MJ was always friendly with the media; he smiled at them – made them feel comfortable. he never was Overtly black. Kobe on the other hand, after his first NBA season; he decided to grow an Afro.

I’m a Laker Fan; So I remember all this – I remember how Kobe was treated during his first few seasons; I think Kobe had too much Philly in him; and not enough Italy; Kobe didn’t smile at comparisons to MJ; Kobe was being Kobe – unconcerned with Pleasing People.

Someone might read this and say “KingC, this isn’t racial” —

I feel sorry for anyone living in America in 2014; who fails to realize or acknowledge that almost everything is racial; in this society – and we’d all be fools to ignore the way the media constantly attacks Black Athletes;  Especially the ones who don’t smile and try to make everyone feel comfortable.

When a guy like Henry Abbott is writing articles about how Kobe is the blame for the Lakers not winning a championship every single year; or for why big ‘name’ free agents won’t come play for the Purple and Gold; But cites quotes from players like Ramon Sessions and Andrew Bynum; along with ‘anonymous sources’ — that writer SHOULD come under Intense Scrutiny – where is his Credibility??

Andrew Bynum while playing for the Lakers was a project!!!

As he ‘developed’ it became more and more evident his Head was not in the game when it needed to be in the game; When he got TRADED – you all see what he did; he’s not a Great Player; Bynum has turned out to be a joke; Ramon Sessions on the other hand; Was never anything before he Got to the Lakers; and if he decided to Leave for a bigger contract; and turn around and claim it’s b/c of Kobe; So what; He’s Ramon Sessions; He was Nothing before he Came to the Lakers; No one even Knows what Team he’s on now —

The “anonymous sources” – don’t have the balls to be on record; So why is Henry Abbott allowed to write such nonsense and still have his job?

Simple answer for me really; but for those who like to Deny the existence of white Privilege; this truth is going to be a hard pill for you to swallow; There is No Pressure from the white community, on its media to represent blacks in a fair and positive light;

Example – Stephen A. Smith made a remark about the Ray Rice situation; that people in the Media didn’t like; Smith had to make a public apology for his comments; AND he was disciplined; Suspended for about a week; Oh you think I’m done? Chris Brousard made comments about Jason Collins ‘coming out’ – mentioned that his Religious Beliefs colored his view — Chris was disciplined for his remarks; and had to make a public apology.

There is Pressure on Blacks in the Media to walk the line; and make sure they are pleasing everyone with their commentary; the same pressure does not exist for whites. They are given a pass, to say and write whatever they like. Unchallenged.

Kobe Bryant vs Henry Abbott

Clearly Henry Abbott has an agenda here – We need to look into the reason Henry Abbott has a job still – A quick glance at his history and you see this isn’t the first time he’s attacked Kobe. With this kind of  journalism constantly stoking the fire of Kobe-haters – Abbotts Pen should possibly be taken away from him; or at least his platform.