Kobe Bryant Responds Brilliantly (Good and Bad Cycles)

Kobe Bryant Responds Brilliantly (Good and Bad Cycles)

Kobe Bryant has always been regarded as a brilliant basketball player, but for those who have followed his career – it is pretty well known that he is also a brilliant man. Several news stories came out in his younger years about how he’d stay home and read books while his teammates went out to party.  This was one of the original reasons He and Shaquille Oneal didn’t get along so well. Where as Kobe saw the NBA as a job, and he wanted to give it his best day in and night out, Shaq always treated the NBA as entertainment.

Anyone who followed Shaq’s career knows he was looked at as The Big Underachiever. That was until Phil Jackson came to coach the talented duo, and in their first season together – They Won it all. I have fond memories of those years. History often talks about those years as if Kobe Bryant needed Shaq to Win those first 3 titles. As a Laker Fan, I remind people of just how much Shaq also needed Kobe.

But they couldn’t win together before Phil Jackson arrived.

Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant

Phil changed the culture. Phil challenged Shaq to be more – and even allowed Kobe to grow in Shaquille’s shadow. Phil made suggestions to management and got players that could support the system he wanted to put in. After winning 11 Rings; most people would regard Phil Jackson to be one of, if not the greatest NBA coach to ever live. To overlook the role he played in the success of the Lakers would be foolish. While Kobe Bryant would eventually lead the Lakers back to 3 more Finals’ Appearances; winning 2 of them – without Shaq – Phil Jackson was the Coach.

I doubt very seriously when Henry Abbott sat down to write his scathing article about Kobe Bryant, it never dawned on him to actually examine the entire Lakers Organization. I’m sure he felt Mike Diantoni was the greatest coach ever. I am sure that in spite of all the rumors and reports that Phil Jackson was ready to Sign with the Lakers just before they hired Dan Phoney – I am sure Henry Abbott felt that decision had nothing to do with the Lakers’ worst season ever.  I’m sure Henry Abbott thinks Kobe had something to do with that hire too.

That’s how it’s always been for Kobe – he gets the blame for everything – I’m not sure why.

The Credibility of these writers needs to be called into question. ESPN should be paying people who actually know what they are talking about. Why are they paying people like Henry, who most likely never played organized basketball in his entire life, to cover basketball?  I can tell you first hand that players view basketball much differently from people who never played the game. Organized Basketball is not the same as Pick-Up ball; a whole lot goes into winning. Anyone who pins the blame or the success of a team on ONE player; shouldn’t be getting a check to cover basketball.

I’ll go as far as to say, Henry Abbott needs to be fired.

ESPN needs to send a message – I am sure they like all the press and all the attention but, they should want attention for more positive news. They should want attention for hiring the best qualified writers; not for hiring idiots who are not qualified to cover the sports they are covering. Makes ESPN look unprofessional.

Kobe Bryant Responds, talking about the good and bad cycles of the media.

Kobe Bryant, the ultimate professional gave nothing short of a professional response. Earlier I explained Why Henry Abbott was Bashing Kobe Bryant – it’s only right that I praise Kobe for not being the same kind of person. Way to Take the High Road Kobe! – here is a “tweet” with a video of his comments on the good and bad cycle of the news media.