Straight Men Have No Rights In America Anymore

Yet another ripple effect of the homoseuxal ‘gay rights’ movement, is that fewer and fewer straight males have rights.

In fact, I would argue we are heading toward a day soon, and may be there already – where Straight Men Have No Rights In America Anymore.

Just the other day I read a story about a 6 year old boy who was suspended from school, because he gave another student a kiss on the hand…. on the HAND!!!  When I was 6 years old we would’ve gave that kid props, and a pat on the back. Most of us wouldn’t have the courage to kiss a girl on the cheek at 6 years old, let alone talk to one!  But, in today’s society that is what is wrong with men (or, on the list of several things wrong with men). This habit of ours, to congratulate men for having courage and approaching women has become a negative.

For me, I first noticed this shift in an odd place – Yahoo Chat rooms – which I started using in 1999 after 4-5 years of being part of the AOL community; AOL had and probably still has their own chat rooms, for members only. When we discovered the internet was free and we didn’t need to pay for AOL to get online, we stopped paying for it. Then I started to wander around the chat rooms, and often you’d see the same story being played out.

Men and Women would be looking to hook up – to meet locally, for various reasons.

One could assume, that most of the men and women who were meeting up, were probably engaging in sexual relations of some kind… since many of the men and women asking to hook up, were also asking to hook up FOR that reason. Naturally some people weren’t ready to go that fast; and would typically just look for new friends in the area – someone to meet up with for coffee, or lunch; and to take things from there. Why wouldn’t people use technology this way?  Before the internet, this is what people did.

Seems only natural that people would use the internet for the same purposes – but then …. Chaos happened.

In fact, Chaos had been there all along; Just as often as you’d see men and women looking to hook up; You’d see the Trolls.

The term troll has often been lost in translation; Originally it referred to the people who would “Patrol” the chat rooms, attempting to police the rooms and tell other people what they could and could not type. These people were often annoying as hell, and in the early days, they were the minority. Until they started banding together.  Most of them had common interests that brought them together. They were unattractive, uneducated, and absolutely not interested in using the internet to meet people for sex – dating – or even friendship. They instead had more fun fucking with other people.

SO they would get online solely to make fun of other people; start fights – join fights – a War was raging online (and many people never even heard about it!)

If you’re keeping track of the dates I gave you, 1999 was a different time than 2013. SO MUCH has changed since then; in fact a WHOLE Lot changed between 1996 (when I first started using the internet and AOL chat rooms) – and 1999;  Especially in the area of How we as a society view homosexuality. Today, it’s normal – today it’s not ok to refer to homosexuals by other terms that we used freely in 1996 – 1999 … and while these online wars would rage, Racism and Racial slurs would fly left and right and Lots of Homosexual Slurs would fly back; I’d watch and … I’ll admit, even participated in some of these online chat wars — where I’d notice women were often turned off by anyone using homosexuality ‘as a slur’ or ‘as an insult’ – and I noticed television and other forms of media starting to push this idea that homosexuality is normal.

Meanwhile, most of the arguments online seemed to be rooted in Men using the internet to meet women; and Women making fun of men for that – Men making fun of Men for that.  In spite of the reality that, Men have always sought out companionship from women since the dawn of time. Why would women and men ‘make fun’ of something so natural?

Looking back on everything that has happened since those days; and all the change that has come to our nation; Including the Two stories I’m sharing here; about the 6 year old — and this High School Senior who won’t be able to graduate; because he gave his teacher, a hug….  A war has been raging; to criminalize and punish Straight Men, for being Straight men.

You see; The internet brought all the people together, that hate straight males.

All the overweight women who feel that men are dogs because they tend to like women with ‘nice shapes’ – were able to connect with one another; and form groups and communities where they’d sit around bashing males up and down; constantly finding fault with men about this or that; a pity party for overweight women Where they could launch their campaigns against how the Media portrays women – which has taken some time, but is slowly starting to sink into our society; Also – it brought all of the gay community together.  They could talk about how horrible they’ve felt in this Heterosexual society, all the oppression they feel they face; Often several of them overweight, would find themselves in ‘both communities’ – both angrily growing and expanding… and slowly but surely influencing several aspects of society.

Any fight or debate that happens online, they can all easily move to, as a unit and put their talking points up for display; and seemingly they know what they’re talking about because so many of them are saying the same things; None of us realizing, it’s their organization – their ‘community base’ – the fact that they’re conspiring together – not that any of them are actually ‘right’ – or interested in what is best for mankind….

Both Communities are very much Anti-Straight Male.

Yet, without straight males, none of us would exist.

Why do we humans argue with nature?

Why have we been seeking to criminalize men for being sexual?

Unless a man is raping or molesting a child, or a woman – why must we seek to criminalize being straight?

Why must we find fault in males, for finding women attractive?

Because that is exactly where our society is heading.

SO many of you will argue; BUT you don’t even know what’s going on.

YOU didn’t even know about the Online Chat Wars that started in the 90’s … and how much of that helped Create the Social media atmosphere of today.

So how dare you question me on what I’m telling you now.

NOW is the time for straight males to rise up; and Band Together. NOW straight males must organize and PLAN Our attacks, and our Defenses.

SLOWLY our rights to be Men are being taken away from us; as ‘forces’ move behind the scenes to create a society where the population naturally decreases; through Women who have no interest in relationships with Men; and men who have no interest in relationships with women – because Men who do; are punished, insulted, and criminalized for it.

As a nation we ‘should’ be outraged ….

But, we’ll see what we actually do about this – my hope, we’ll do something ::: because if we do Nothing; Straight Men can say bye bye, to Having Rights in America.