SoPoCo – Short, for SocialPoliticalCommentary –

Thank you for wondering.

Perhaps you were, and then again perhaps it was pretty obvious. SoPoCo is our short abbreviation for what is otherwise a somewhat long domain name.


SocialPoliticalCommentary sums up what we want to do here – but SoPoCo sms us up even more.

Who knows, perhaps some day people will want to SoPoCo something because this is the place to hold those kinds of discussions; you know – the Social, Political, Commentary types where we allow one another to express what is on their mind – and allow others to Wade Through it, read differing perspectives, and come up with their Own conclusions.

Yes, SoPoCo will do that – better humanity; that’s my view and vision at the very least.

As always … I thank you for coming.

Unfortunately ‘at this time’ – the .com was already taken. SO to reach us, you’ll simply type in SoPoCo.Net

Has a ring to it … so we went with it. As We began to look around … I found it pretty interesting that SoPoCo happens to be a very common last name in the Phillipines.

You’ll find the Content both now, and in the future – to be very interesting as well.

Hopefully, not very common though.

You can expect PodCasters here, eventually – give us time to get going though.

And again, Thank you for the support you lend us, along the way – just by being here.

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