fear of black men is costly

Fear of Black Men: Lavar Ball to Terrence Crutcher

The Fear of Black Men is real in this country, in spite of overwhelming evidence that this fear is irrational. In the same week, this fear of black men was once again front and center in two separate cases. You have Lavar Ball and Terrence Crutcher, two black men who white people fear. One of them is still alive, but the other one was murdered by a police officer because he looked like a bad man. How can a total stranger roll up on a black man they’ve never met and know that is a bad person?

It’s this ‘fear of black men’ that overwhelms their logic.  Because of how her and her husband view black men, especially black men with size Terrence Crutcher is Dead. Because of this fear of black men, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Philando Castille are dead. While Lavar Ball is still breathing the white owned media is spending overtime to ‘kill his image’ and possibly even his future. They’re so upset at him for wanting the best for his kids that their reaction reminds me of how Richard Williams was treated.

Richard Williams had the gall to declare that his girls would end up being the best Tennis Players ever and that’s absolutely true. They became what their father envisioned. While Venus may not be held up as often, she was everything until Serena took that spot from her.


They are without question the most dominant tennis players ever.

Yet this fear of black men is often expressed in several ways. The way a Richard Williams or a Lavar Ball is treated exemplifies a microaggression towards black men. Black intellectuals have always been feared, jeered and made fun of. The fear of black men repairing the damage done to their black communities is palpable.

Let’s go into the Lavar Ball incident. After this exchange on the 17th of May, the white owned media said Lavar attacked her. They left out all the context, ignored how Lavar Ball felt about a woman who’d been negatively speaking about him. She had questioned his parenting, and his business goals. Then decided that because she is white, she gets to push her views on this black man; White is Right.  I’m white and I say so was on full display.


When this white woman decided to say in response to this exchange ‘she felt threatened’, the first thing I thought of was white victimhood. They always find a way to turn it around and make it seem like they are the ones who are the victims. It doesn’t matter what shit she started – all that matters is how she didn’t like his response to the shit she started.  Naturally, within our system there are several black people who play their role as coons and sellouts who’ll run to defend white people.

Enter Jason Whitlock – “Whitlock can’t comment on anything but snacks.”  – Lavar Ball.

Not only did Lavar hit Whitlock on the nail, because he had the nerve to go further and insult Charlemagne the God, he was named ‘donkey of the day’.  This is following his giving out a donkey of the day to Kristine Leahy for ‘weaponizing her whiteness’. I’d love to come back and say more about that as well, but for now, Charlemagne did a decent job of it already. All while really going in on why this fear of black men is not something to take light. He got up in Whitlocks ass for cooning so hard for a white woman who, would never come to a black man’s defense.




The Black Coon is actually a result of this fear of black men. In an attempt to be safe, pleasing and something likable to white people, several blacks sell out and play this role willingly. We have seen Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith do this, as well as so many others. Smiling in the face of white people and lessening their fear of black men and women is their entire goal.  I’d be okay with that, if they’re method of achieving this goal wasn’t to flat out lie about reality. Those coons contribute to this problem, that is nothing short of dangerous to black men.

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