Jews Big beneficiaries of Civil rights act of 1964

Were Jews Biggest Beneficiaries of 1964 Civil Rights Act?

Professor Black Truth never holds back. He makes the case that Jews were the biggest beneficiaries of the 1964 Civil Rights act. Brought on by comments from Bill Maher, who’s been real anti black as of late. Along with more racist comments from Juliana Margolis. Both have been attacking black America for not ‘supporting’ Israel as they destroy the lives of people living in Palestine.

It’s true, Bill Maher has leaned into his inner White supremacist as of late.

The biggest beneficiaries of the Civil Rights act, were Jews. Professor Truth points out how both of these whites have been talking about how much Jews fought for black people. It’s their reasoning for why black people need to stand with them. In spite of how often they are caught standing with racist white supremacists, like Ben Shapiro.

Bill has always been about free speech. However just like many whites nowadays, he does not like black people speaking free. He only supports racist white people, like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and their ilk. I’ve pointed it out plenty, his demeanor changed up when he was not ‘allowed’ to say the N word.

He didn’t appreciate black Americans not giving him that pass. The entitlement Bill showed for his ‘right’ to use that word, uncovered just how much disdain he holds for black people. There were hints of it, but being that he’s a comedian not many took it too seriously.

Clearly others are seeing, what I’ve been seeing too.

Cornel West, Tavis Smiley and D. L. Hughley used to be regular guests on Bill Maher’s show. None of those black regulars, have been on there as of late. Instead, blacks who are known sellouts, like Donna Brasil, are the only black people being invited on.

Professor Black truth, see’s it as plain as I do. Each week, he doubles down on his anti black racism. Bringing back a story that died down, about ‘trying that in a small town’ is just the latest evidence. What’s also becoming clear, is Bill Maher actually does believe in religion. He’s against Muslim and Christians, but he’s not against Judaism. Jews, are a religion not a race after all. Calling anyone who does not agree with them, anti semites, is just one of the tactics used to justify wrong doing.

Black people, having dealt with the racism and oppression of white supremacy for generations, cannot support that.

It’s pretty outrageous that anyone would expect it. However, when you’re a white supremacist, the only thing that matters is what you want.

Black Voters are starting to understand this truth. The biggest beneficiaries of civil rights have not been black.

Recently, Asian students teamed up with a white supremacist to tackle Affirmative Action in college admissions. They were able to get it shot down. Their theory, is it was stopping Asians from getting into schools.

Turns out, now that it’s been struck down, Asians are continuing to struggle with college admissions.

Similar to Jews, it turns out Asians were benefitting from the changes that black movements pushed for. Yet, similar to all these other groups, they feel it’s black people who owe them. Most do not feel they owe anything, to black people. Sadly, there are just not enough of our people speaking on this reality. It’s easy to fool people who are unaware of what is going on.