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Why Is Tyrese (Gibson) Crying On Social Media

Tyrese has been making all sorts of news lately for crying on social media. Yes, SoPoCo is Not A News Site, however, this is something that we need to all take a moment to discuss, together. Primarily because it’s not really news at all. Tyrese seems to be using social media as an outlet to share ‘his feelings’ and people are getting tired of it. However, should we all be more sympathetic? Considering the ‘most recent’ outburst, Tyrese is on film crying over how the courts are doing him over ‘custody’ of his daughter.

Listen, the court system when it comes to these matters can absolutely be unsympathetic. Tyrese, during his rant talks about how ‘real fathers’ get done wrong, and all of that is true. However, during his ‘rant’, he starts into crying, on camera.

Can Men Cry on camera or not? – Let’s take a moment to watch the ‘discussion’ from Dr. Boyce Watkins, on Tyrese crying on social media.

Now listen, I want to make sure that we allow all of you to feel welcome in the comments on this. I know several people want ‘men to cry’, and yet others are totally against this. Both sides have great points, but what I’m going to say is this. There is a time and a place for all things, and perhaps men ‘should’ cry. But is crying on social media really the right move, for a black man? In a society that has, for years ‘suggested’ that black men are weak, and crying is still ‘seen’ as weakness?  It’s getting some ‘interesting’ feedback from others.  Lots of ‘jokes’ on social media, because this isn’t happening in a vaccum.

We all know about Tyrese beefing with The Rock over Fast and Furious. That’s a silly ‘beef’ to begin with because, as Dr. Boyce pointed out in his commentary on all this, The Rock is a much bigger ‘star’.  Naturally, a big reason that Fast and Furious has even continued to make films, is due to The Rock ‘joining’ their movie franchise a few films back.

Unfortunately though, Tyrese is trying to blame The Rock for his ‘lack of money making’ and it’s really sad to see.

Tyrese has a ‘platform’ to have done so much more with himself.  What The Rock said to him, weeks ago, is so relevant now that he’s, Crying on Social Media over his daughter & the courts. Enter Faizon Love for a moment on Instagram. More real Talk – Man Up; stop Crying on Social Media.

Man the Fuck up Baby Boy

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Big Dogs Eat, Little Puppies Stay On the Porch Crying – The Rock, (in response to Tyrese)


So much truth has been shared already and I hope you’ve taken a moment to watch the ‘videos’ and not just ‘read’ this commentary. Because Dr. Boyce really jumped into my head with his commentary. There is a time for a public rant, and a time to be in private. However some of us do not have this understanding. Even the understanding of, blaming someone ‘else’ when we have been blessed with opportunities. There may be a Mental Health issue, which we discuss on this platform, as an Untended to reality in the Black Community.

Meanwhile, courts can be very tough on men when it comes to custody issues. I won’t go into too many personal matters, but I know quite a few men who were ‘victimized’. They were made to pay out even more money than they already where paying, and the mother lied about the fathers involvement to push the case. It can get messy, but men have to ‘man up’, and not start crying on social media. Tyrese isn’t alone, we all know people who put ‘all their business’ on social media.

Perhaps it’s for ‘attention’, but if that’s the case, reach out to your loved ones.

It takes a village, and often this experience on earth can be rough on black people.  Let’s be understanding of that when dealing with one another…. Black people are the only ones concerned with black people, and so we have to take special care. If anyone should understand what we are going through, it’s one another. We also need to keep that in mind ‘when’ a helping hand arrives. We may not always ‘like’ what help has to say but that is what help does. It often points out areas we tend to ignore, the areas that would ‘help’ us the most.

Such as, the economic habits of Tyrese, which are also well documented in Dr. Boyce Watkins’ Commentary above. Instead of spending his money on houses, cars, expensive custom made limousines – he should be investing in property, stocks, even cryptocurrencies.

Many black people, unfortunately look to black entertainers as ‘role models’.  That’s often exploited by ‘the powers that be’, and work against black people. Instead of black people getting inspired by Tyrese to move smarter with their money, he’s encouraging black people to splurge.

Similar criticism has been raised against Floyd Money Mayweather. He often uses Social Media to show off how much cash he has. Usually he’s talking about gambling that money away, rather than investing it. To his credit Mayweather has also spoken about aligning himself with cryptocurrencies, and may have helped increase interest in that investment market, for black people.

This issue with ‘celebrity worship’ in our society is not limited to the black community. A few months back we wrote about the Fyre Festival: and how many White people were duped by Jah Rule

I suppose at the end of the day, Celebrities really are ‘just regular people.

They have ‘beef’ and can even be seen crying on social media, sharing way too much information.  Ultimately ‘we’ the people have to choose better role models and people to listen to.

Meanwhile let us all hope that Tyrese can pull himself together, and quit ‘oversharing’.  It’s not a good look for him, or the black community as a whole.  We unfortunately get judged as a whole, and too many of us look up to (follow/pattern ourselves after) celebrities.  Whether he ‘wants’ to be a role model or not, people are going to look up to him. He needs to keep that in mind, when he hits ‘post’.

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Several people, I’m sure will read this and think, ‘so what if he’s having real, emotional moments on film.’ – I don’t entirely disagree.  There is, sadly a cheapening of pain to a degree, and that’s my ‘real issue’ with crying on social media.  We never really know when it’s a ‘real emergency’, and I don’t feel it’s personally worth the risk. If a person Is going through some things, they do need to reach out to their loved ones. I’m sure Tyrese has a circle, and in fact, in the days following it seems many reached out to him. They are always going to be better outlets, than random ‘friends’ on social media. That’s ultimately what makes it a bad look, you’re letting all the wrong folks ‘in’.