Lauryn Hill Returns With Neurotic Society

Lauryn Hill reminds you and everyone else that she is still one of the Best MC’s to ever do it.

L-boogie is so nice with it, she got bored and started singing instead of hitting us with Bars —– SO glad to hear THIS track which several people say is the result of her legal issues for tax evasion, and on her way to jail she was pressured to release this, hence the additional (Compulsory Mix) as part of the title — but please … sit back and digest the Lyrics.

wow … A society run by Commerce and Girl-Men.

WOW —- and how true that statement really is. This entire song is FULL of true statements; worth considering.

This is what HIP HIOP is supposed to be about; However due to the Commerce Men that run the industry right now, MOST free speech has been silenced or censored.

Modern Day Cooning, it’s called within the Black Community; those of us who are aware – an “image” pushed on society, on the black community and other communities as well, framing black men and women in a certain light; while refusing to show the ENTIRE diverse nature of the African American Community; and sadly, Evil Prospers because the Good Do Nothing – I realize L-Boogie may not enjoy dealing with these types, which is why I continue to wonder why SHE and so many others Continue to Deal with them.

They have enough of a fan base now, to put their Music Directly onto a website – they can pay to Charge Money for people to Hear their music if they really need the money; they can get DIRECT Income from their Fans; and cut out the Record Companies – and for some odd reason, You just don’t see rap artists doing it.

Thanks for coming back to the game Lauryn – but we need MORE —- what you have to say, is what others really need to hear.