Something Just Ain’t Right With The Ariel Castro Story

Something ain’t right here!

What I am about to say could be entirely wrong … But, I don’t think so.

Let me tell you why I don’t think it’s wrong – When the pieces do not fit together in a story that you are presented with, the most natural thing to do is to Question that story.

At least, that’s how it is for me. I’ve always challenged authority figures that just wanted me to blindly follow what I was being told; I usually question things anyway – but some do not. Several people Trust the mainstream media and believe that our system is always doing the right thing – but this recent Story SHINES a bright LIGHT on the reality that our SYSTEM is failing us, more often than we care to admit.

Primarily, the light is shining on how POOR of a job the Cleveland, Ohio Police Department has DONE With this case for the past 10 YEARS – we can only imagine … just how many other cases out there have been handled just as poorly. Even the 911 operators pissed me off, and several other people in the web-o-sphere who could all hear the tone of disdain in the voices of the folks taking those calls; The news reports surfacing that other Calls had been made, and the only reason these 3 women are Free today, is because ONE Of them got brave enough to RUN For the door, and Scream, and luckily for her – Charles Ramsay was eathin his McDonald’s … and got nosey enough to find out just what was going on when He heard Amanda Berry screaming.

THEN when you see the interview of Mr. Ramsay by Anderson Cooper on CNN, you can hear once again that they had a hard time getting the Police to even show up; because of how the 911 operators were talking to them over the phone; that he had to have Amanda call at the Same TIME – which helps it all make sense; I was wondering WHY in Amanda’s 911 tapes, she says It’s Me, I’m Amanda Berry, I’m Free Now —– because apparently Charles Called first, and They Did Not Believe Him.

What the FUCK!?!?!

Oh, so because a Black Man Calls 911 about a Case your Lazy Ass Police Force Closed You don’t believe that your Police Closed a Case that SHOULD still be OPEN?

What the FUCK?

So, I’ve got big issues with all of that, and yea, I COULD be wrong about most of that also —- perhaps the POLICE have some sort of METHOD to their apparent Madness – — But I don’t think so.

So that brings me to the REAL part of this Story, that is NOW coming to light, and already I’ve Got Problems with what I’m Hearing.

Now… again, I COULD BE WRONG —- because I’m confused about WHO Lived Where.

Did the 2 brothers live WITH Ariel Castro?

Did the Daughter that is IN JAIL for Slashing her Baby’s THROAT go to jail for killing a baby that … “perhaps” belonged to her Child Abusing Father???

Did the OTHER Daughter, who’s on Good Morning America Crying, saying “i’m sorry” – who happened to be the BEST Friend of Gina DeJesus (one of the other women kidnapped and held captive) – as well as one of the Last People to SEE her … did She NOT KNOW there were 3 WOMEN held captive in her Father’s House???

I’m pretty confused. Were the parents separated where she would only go Visit her Dad on weekends ………..?

When she went to Visit, she didn’t look around the house?

What the Fuck?

ok………… So let me just get right to what I’m thinking.

You know it’s a shame but our Mainstream Media plays a HUGE role in a lot of this nonsense that happens in our Country; especially because they are part of a “system” that was created to keep most of us under Control. Every aspect of this system is indeed, a well oiled machine. That system, that Machine … includes Crime.

See….. Crime Pays.

We live in a nation that really is not all that serious about solving Crime.

Our nation … is actually Controlled by a SYSTEM, or a Machine that is Very serious about Creating Criminals.

Programs that would assist and help prevent crime are often SHUT DOWN; so that we can FUND more Weaponry Production; “to keep us all safe” …

But we don’t hear much about how Most Sexual Predators are products of a Sexual Predatory Environment.  There are several documented cases where a person like, Ariel Castro, who has been captured for very horrible crimes that include Child Molestation, Rape, and Physical Abuse – generally men like this were Molested, Raped, and Physically Abused as well; It tends to be a Family Issue.

We do not talk about this much here in America – especially not on our Mainstream NEWS Stations; We don’t want to shine the LIGHT on how important it is to Create PROGRAMS and FUND Professionals who can provide HELP to these People who are, indeed – SICK.  The Real predators in our nation, and on a larger scale, in our World – are often being protected by that mainstream Media; We are just now starting to hear about all of the child molestation that has been happening in the Catholic Church for Decades now – and yet it seems like much of it is STILL being covered up as much as possible, given that so many victims are speaking out via social media.

But back to the Castro’s – It seems clear to me what’s really going on.

The daughters were both abused. Most likely the father, and the 2 brothers joined in. The Youngest daughter and then, best friend of DeJesus was probably used in some manner to pick up the other 3 women – the Mother seemingly got out of this very bad situation; but reports surfaced that he Abused the Ex-Wife – Reports say the kids where ‘not allowed’ in certain parts of the house; and to me that’s a big Come the Fuck on —- just as God told Adam and Eve ‘do not eat of THIS TREE’ – telling a human being NOT TO do something, almost always makes them Want to do it.

It seems to me, that the Police do not want to do any real work on this case – which would involve having to do a Thorough Investigation of The Entire Family.

There could be a LOT of Abuse going on within this family, since that is VERY common, more common than the general public is aware of; and if that is the case, that would mean a lot of Real Police work, spent trying to Protect and Serve the Community, when Police would much rather hang out in their cars, pull black people over for being black, and hassle men and women of this society who are not kidnapping, raping and molesting kids.

After multiple calls and the Police showing up several times – Nothing was Done. In the related story in the Tweet above, you’ll find similar poor police work during the Anthony Sowells Case – where several calls were made, horrid smells were reported – and the police did nothing.

The Kids of Ariel Castro, are suggesting that there were locks all over the house, is being treated as if that story is good enough.

How the hell are you going to live in a house, and not be SO Intrigued by WHY your Father has Entire Rooms LOCKED UP to keep You out – YOU would be Even MORE CURIOUS as to what your Father has in those rooms.

Especially as you got Older! Most likely the kids are victims too, and are simply too afraid to speak out – they are giving the police Hints and Clues; and it’s their ‘job’ to follow those clues to see where they lead. To me it seems like the Police are trying to do as little work, as possible.

Clearly the people who are working in the Police Force are either doing this on PURPOSE, by allowing the story to end where everyone says it ends – because they have a method that’s going to some how expose the Hidden Truth all on it’s own (which MIGHT be possible) – or THESE Police are all absolute MORONS in Cleveland.

Ok I’m sorry – I should not call them Morons; but clearly they are not being Properly Trained to Do Their Jobs.

They don’t seem to be investigating much of anything.

Especially when we consider that most victims of abuse often do NOT come forward, they do NOT speak out – a Trained Investigator should be able to Read the Signs; The daughter is clearly Afraid to say anything that would sound as if she was aware of what was happening in her fathers house. To me it’s all so Odd. The Son of Ariel Castro wrote about the disappearance of DeJesus, the Daughter was interviewed on America’s Most Wanted, their Father had Entire areas of the house LOCKED UP – and they never got suspicious?  They never heard any Noises coming from those Locked Rooms?

Again, maybe the Police have a method to their madness, perhaps they are ON to this and know that there is an even BIGGER mess to be uncovered here in this family – maybe they wanna properly sort out who the victims are, and who’s turned to the Dark Side, so to speak  – before letting the Mainstream Press know what they’re up to; All of that is entirely possible. Let’s hope that I’m wrong about how seemingly untrained to Properly Protect and Serve the People, the Cleveland Police Force (and nation wide) Seem to be – But …. I don’t think so.

The Entire System Needs an Overhaul.

Evil prospers because the good, do nothing.

It’s time for the good people of the world, to stand up.

IF we’re going to give authority to people in our society, those authority figures must be held accountable for the Power they wield. This Case says perhaps more about the people we’ve entrusted with the Power to protect us, than the people carrying out such atrocious crimes – We must demand real Protection from the ones charged with that Service.

The ‘story’ connected to THIS case is still unfolding, and every day the details coming out seem to suggest that the Police simply failed to do their job.

That story is told, too often in this country.