not all white people are decent; but some are

Not All white People owned slaves: A Response

Not All White People is one of my pet peeve phrases, that gets on my last nerve. Racist white people do this, to try and absolve themselves of guilt, and responsibility. It also stems from a lack of respect for black people’s intelligence. We are more than aware, that not all white people are racist. We know that not all white people owned slaves. So for white people to continually tell us that, means they ‘think’ we don’t know it already!

My cousin posted something recently and I’m going to share that with you.  It’s about ‘black lives matter’ and the retort, from those racist whites – about how ‘all lives matter’ …

Well; some white dude named Jason, decided to respond; talking about how not all white people owned slaves.

The post was Not about slavery – and that speaks to how disingenuous far too many white people are, when it comes to these matters of race relations. Let’s start from the top though. Here is the image my cousin posted on his facebook.

not all white people are decent; but some are

Before sharing the white boy’s response … let me just say, how tiring it is, that so many white people feel entitled to ARGUE on other people’s timelines. If I post something you do not agree with, you do not have to respond. You can keep your thoughts to yourself, especially if you’re just coming to argue. More especially when we are talking about racism, and all you wanna do is ‘not all white people’ me to death.

Dear white people who ‘not all white people’ others – Fuck you and your opinion on this topic.

The good decent white people of this world do not have to waste their time (or mine) with not all white people statements. They know that I’m aware that some white people are vastly better than others. That’s been proven throughout our long, raggedy history in this nation. Here is how the white dude responded.

You know that you weren’t a slave and I wasn’t a slave owner. Right?

Back then if you wasn’t a rich plantation owner you didn’t have slaves. All slavery did was make these rich people richer and created a bunch of very poor uneducated white people. When slavery was abolished it wasn’t any better for white people they were still poor uneducated and they had no craft. The only craftsman were former slaves who were trained to do the work like blacksmithing farming etc.

That’s where sharcropping came in. Former slaves were hired to do the same work they did before in hopes of one day owning the 50 acres they were given to live. Then came the kkk. Which was created by former plantation owners. They were able to recruit dumb uneducated white people through propaganda to join there gang. They did evil shit. We ALL know that. But still most white people were not a member of this gang.

They were still good people who just wanted to survive. I guess what I’m saying is that was a long time ago but it still applies today. Of course there’s still racism. It’s on both sides. But most everyone in this great country of ours are still good people. We want the best for our families. We want our children to have things we didn’t. And we want our families to be safe. That i believe applies to black and white people. We shouldn’t be turning police brutality protests into a race war. I’m white i don’t want anyone trying to kill whitey. Lol. I feel the same way about everyone.

Naturally, I hit him with a “of course you’re white” response. Because, of course he is white!

There was no need for him to say, at the end ‘I’m white’ … we could tell from how he started this response! The entire ‘you know you’re not a slave, and I wasn’t a slave owner’ line, was offensive. Of COURSE my cousin is aware he was not a slave; and we all know this ignorant white dude did not own slaves. What we do not know, and what Jason will never prove, is that his ancestors did not own slaves.

Jason isn’t pulling out his DNA ancestry tree to show us evidence that his family, didn’t own black people.  We also do not know if Jason’s relatives helped catch slaves who escaped plantations, attended hangings, or visited brothels back then that allowed white men to impregnate black women, with no consequences of fathering the offspring. Jason won’t prove that.

Below is my response to Jason, who said, in response to my “of course you’re white” ….

Jason: “It’s obvious you black but I’m not gonna hate on anybody.”

This response is also dedicated, to all white people, who ‘not all white people’ black people … shut the fuck up.

Jason your entire response, above, was hating on the entire black race.

Your Refusal to Understand OUR point of view stems from y’all NOT caring about black people; at all; Even when we are the main ones being killed; no matter how it’s explained to people like you, y’all Refuse to allow the lessons into your head.

If your HOUSE is on fire; and firemen show up; only an IDIOT would say “All Houses Matter!!” – when clearly ONE house is on fire; does that mean the OTHER houses don’t matter? Of course not; but ONE is on FIRE and needs help RIGHT NOW – it needs focus; attention; etc;

all lives matter all fires matter too

If you’re at a wedding; Only an IDIOT would get up and say “My wedding matters too!!!! All weddings matter!!!” ……….. If you went to someone’s home who’s dealing with Breast Cancer; only a MORON would say “You know…. Lung Cancer matters too; so does Skin Cancer; ALL Cancers matter!!”

——————— but you’re not an idiot; You’re just white; and you Purposely misunderstand these matters — Why are you even bringing up Slavery for in the first place? THIS POST is not about slavery?

Why in TF are you talking about “not all white people” owned slaves??

NOT all whites could AFFORD To own slaves;

MOST of you all Participated IN slavery though; If a black man got FREE your family members got Paid to TELL slave owners you found a runaway; Y’all family members HUNG black people; STOOD around watching Hangings; You mfs ARE ALL part of the problems you’re trying to distance yourselves from —

Unless you’re a relative of John Brown, which you’re not, b/c him and all his kids died FIGHTING racist white people; ON behalf of black people — SHUT up.

Shut your MORON mouth tf up; b/c what is the purpose of your comments????

Nothing you said is TRUTH; you’re just wasting everybody’s time with that nonsense coming out your mouth and fingertips; WHITE people all participated in the ‘system of slavery’ — from OWNING slaves, to simply making sure slaves stayed ON the plantation; and didn’t Roam around FREE in this nation; YOU helped and your families helped; and THEN you benefited from everything happening ON Plantations; to every Law passed AFTER slavery that gave YOU and YOUR family a head start, and a ADVANTAGE over black people –

Saying it didn’t happen just means you’re either a mf IDIOT – or a dishonest demonic minion of satan; b/c who else would be so EVIL To sit here and try to ARGUE that white people weren’t all part of this problem; that LED to Police murdering unarmed blacks at HIGH rates; locking up blacks for crimes they have not committed; and white society, at large, refusing (up until recently) to lend their voices and actions to solving this problem

– Shut your entire mouth up white dude; We knew you white the moment you started in with ‘not all white people’ ….

You all read from the same book; and have the same argument tactics; that do nothing but keep this nation from every TRULY uniting; and doing what’s BEST for all of it’s citizens; b/c you want to hold onto the Advantages that come with being WHITE —-

(more on John Brown; not all white people fought to free slaves like he and his sons did….)

Heads up, this video is good ‘but’ also features a ‘debate’ within white society; Questioning if John Brown was a hero, or a terrorist?  SMMFH …. goes to show how deeply rooted this problem truly is. Whites who are racist want the freedom to harm blacks in any way they choose, but if anyone wants to harm them for what they stand for – it’s terrorism …. Racism is about hypocrisy.

If you encounter a white person who feels they need to educate your black ass about slavery feel free to send them this.

What I said to Jason, applies to them all. In fact, you can probably compare what they say, to what Jason wrote, and it’ll almost line up, word for word. These white people like Jason are not intelligent, and deep down, resent black people. They hate blacks so much, that they refuse to see a problem with how America treats black people.  They’re looking for reasons to mistreat black people too!

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