Chaos, Order and The Problem With Women?

OK …. I came across a Book tonight, just a few minutes ago actually.

It literally bothered me so much that I had to take a moment to share HERE – what I wanted to share on Facebook.

BUT then I realized how politically correct everyone is, and how what I am about to say will NOT be well received there.

The Book is called “The Problem With Women … is Men” – and it’s written by a Guy!

(… a guy I will not name because I’ve already given the guy more of a plug than I wanted to – but you’ll see his name on the photo below anyways…)

For now, I will not call into question the sexuality of the man; but some how I doubt a straight male wrote a book like this – Then again … Enter Capitalism.

Men will do strange things to benefit from this awesome machine; that often profits a few – while causing much destruction – and This book sounds like a classic case to me; Before I get too “into it” – let me start out by sharing the Thoughts I had in reaction to a picture I saw on the Facebook Fan Page – for a book I sure will not be purchasing.

Here’s The Photo …

the problem with women is men

And these, would be my “initial comments” –

You know – This book is Capitalism at its best.

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. I have a HUGE problem with this book being written, and a Huge Problem with how it’s being received – but it’s MY problem. 🙂

I realize the author has decided to financially benefit from writing a book that promotes Hatred of Men – and suggest that women have No Responsibility whatsoever in Their Own Happiness – Or in making a relationship work out.

Everyone knows ‘as women go so goes society’ – Everyone, including the Devil. I know some do not believe in the bible; others do – it’s a guideline that speaks to order; The opposite of order is chaos – the more we jab at order the more chaos we create in our Society; The order of things is simple; Man listens to God; Woman listens to Man; But the initial story tells us about both Order, and Chaos.

When woman listens to the devil, instead of to man – man and woman get thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

It’s a metaphor that suggests that when Woman doesn’t listen to Man; and furthermore when Man ignores God to listen to Woman; Chaos Ensues.

At THIS point, I realized what I was ‘about to post’ – would be Way too Volatile – and would cause myself Way more negative attention than I’d like, even though what I just said is Absolutely TRUE!

There were several photos on this page; most of them captions and quotes from his book – but this one really set me off;  Because it suggests that only men are players.   This photo suggests that only men play games, lie or attempt to manipulate their partner. It totally plays on the emotions of women who often, do not want to take responsibility for choosing the wrong man in the first place. It also ignores all of the women-players, and signs off on their wrong-doing – and that’s how this guys entire Page is.

I ran into the guy, sitting in with a panel of women – and This upset me even more.

First off, check out the guys mannerisms – This is not a straight man ladies. Women need to stop taking advice on men, from Women and Homosexuals.

He mentions “Online Dating” – says guys can message 50 women and if “one” responds – it’s a good day – again, clearly this man has no experience with sending messages to women; Especially through an online dating site.  I’ll go a step further and say He’s never approached women in a Club or a Bar either. Just because a woman responds, does not mean you’re going to ‘get lucky’ – a LOT more has to happen, before that can happen.

My biggest problem with his suggestion, is that Online Dating makes dating easier for Men.

It’s Total bullshit and people are eating it up without a thought!

Online Dating makes dating Easier … for WOMEN.

If a Woman sends out 10 Messages in a Day on an online dating site; SHE will get at LEAST 9 Responses – and all 9 most likely are gonna be interested in ‘something’ at the very least.

But when a guy like this writes a book full of total nonsense; and sits on a panel with 4 women who LOVE his ideas; and then Other Women gravitate to his book and it goes Viral; Houston We Have A Problem.

Women are Listening to “the Devil” – instead of Their man (or any Man for that matter)

– I know this is going to be Politically Incorrect – but a Homosexual man is not a Man.

Yea, I said it.

A Homosexual man has an ENTIRELY Different life experience from a Heterosexual man.  The experiences are absolutely everything. Just as a Man is not a Woman – because the experiences we have are Totally different. Women MUST stop seeking advice on men from Women and Homosexuals. This guy is pretty obvious to me – but may not be so obvious to the untrained eye.

As a heterosexual man with plenty experiences with women – good and bad – I can absolutely say without a doubt, that today’s society is Totally different now, than it was just 10-15 years ago; Technology has changed us and our relationships So much – Just meeting a woman is entirely different today than it was 10-15 years ago; Suggesting that online dating sites make it easier for men is such hogwash that I’m shocked no one has Flamed this guy for Writing, and Making Money from selling Complete Garbage to women.

If anything, Online Dating sites make it Much harder for men – as women tend to lump all men into the same boat – and judge all men as if ‘they’re all the same’ – and books written by homosexuals aimed at bashing straight males, do not make it easier on us at all.

Now … at this point people are probably going to be mad at me, and suggest I have a problem with Homosexuals – that is what people do when they cannot argue against the points that have been made; they start a fantasy argument about a point that isn’t being made – and put all the focus there to distract Others from what’s being said.

Please, do not let that happen.

I have no problems with homosexuals – they have a right to do what they want to do – BUT when they write books that bash Males and Drive a Further Wedge between the Man/Woman Relationship – I have a BIG problem with that. But, I’ve watched eye-opening films like “The Century of The Self” – which explains how Edward Bernays used the Media to aim ‘messages at women’ that would get Men to buy things they did not need; or could not afford; That’s right – it’s the Same Tactic the Devil used.

Watch  How To Brainwash The Masses Without Them Knowing it”

Edward Bernays knew something ….

If you wanna bring down Men – go after the women first.

Although not everyone believes in the Bible; some see the stories as mere stories; but all of the stories contain a lesson; and this is a running theme throughout the book. Adam and Eve, Sampson and Delilah, and to some degree, the story of Rebekah and her Son Jacob – and later Jacob and his Wife Leah – all of these stories carry a very important Message.

It’s a message that many women have gotten upset over; and it’s been the crux of many debates within the Church.In a Patriarchal Society – Women Still have Tremendous Power – often through sex – to make Empires rise – or fall.

The empires falling part, is what women always have a problem with.

BUT that’s where the important lesson is found.

Women have been sold a LIE by the media; told that the traditional womanly roles are beneath them; that they somehow make women inferior to men; and it’s not REAL Men telling women that; it’s those Devils; people seeking to benefit ‘financially’ from chaos.

Women are Naturally Powerful.

To suggest that MEN have the ability to bring down women is So silly, and So insane, that I’m TRULY Shocked no one is Boycotting this trash – based on the title alone.

An Old wise saying goes …

“Behind every great man is a great woman” –

To me, this saying has always suggested that behind every sorry ass man is a sorry ass woman too.I’m sorry, but the problem with women – is not men; The problem with women is who they are listening to…. About Men.
I’d even say the problem is with who they are listening to … about themselves, as well.Being asked to submit to a man, and listen to a man, does not imply a woman is inferior to a man. It simply says, ‘this is the order’ – by not following the order – we create chaos.

Before you tell me to Prove it – Look around at all the Chaos in our world.

We might wanna try it out, before we bash it.

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