Comey Day arrived

Comey Day on SoPoCo Featuring Twitter

Let’s get right into it because we know what day it is. It’s Comey Day! (or #ComeyDay on Twitter)

Here it is, presented by ABCNews on YouTube

What we heard in this testimony, is that The FBI was not directly investigating Donald Trump. However, he did mention that sometimes when we overturn rocks we find things we didn’t expect. It’s clear, from how the President and his people are acting that there is collusion with a foreign government.

Unfortunately, the desire for power causes people to sometimes, form unsavory allies. We discuss Game of Thrones here and hope that if you’re on our pages you are watching that television show. It’s one of the more realistic ‘stories’ that has been shown on American airwaves.

They are pretty careful about what they allow – especially stories about power. Real, actual power in a world that often involves violence or the threat of it.  But it also involves alliances, that often take place in secret.

With all that is up for grabs, having a population that isn’t all that educated about power, isn’t good for that population.  This alliance between the Republicans and Russia may not pan out too well, for the ‘United States of America’. The unfortunate part, is that some people are so ingrained in rooting for ‘their team’ that they’re overlooking how they go about winning championships.

Back to the Comey Day, and more specifically the responses to James Comey’s Testimony.

This testimony by former FBI director James Comey (fired by Donald Trump) was followed by, a bizarre statement from the President’s personal lawyer.

But, even that turned into a joke …

and also, made the ‘dark cloud’ around 45, even darker….

I am awaiting for an actual photo of them standing in the elevator, but it really is as if they are reenacting scenes from HBO’s Veep. For those who don’t watch that show, you absolutely should. But, “Spoiler Alert” eventually her administration got put on trial and did all sorts of illegal stuff. They made a comedy out of it, but you can’t help but see similarities.

This is one bumbling, stumbling administration. However, let us not be distracted by the daily barrage of bullshit.

As Senator Kamala Harris said on Twitter shortly after questioning James Comey, the GOP is coming for our healthcare.

and also from Joy Reid, who has been all over every aspect of this.