wars to come in game of thrones

Review: Wars To Come in Game of Thrones (Season 5, Episode 1)

Our Review for the Game of Thrones; Season 5; Episode 1 – Wars to Come;

SUPER good; but probably not for the ‘casual fan’ who doesn’t realize that there were 4 previous seasons; for everything we saw last night to be in Context; SPOILER WARNINGS for all who didn’t see the show….

Context matters. If last night that was your first time experiencing Game of Thrones and you’re wondering what all the Hype is about, then I’m not sure how that experience went over for you. I do know however, that for Fans of the show, what we saw last night was nothing short of awesome. Why?

So much has happened in this story, and so much is still left to happen. Finally we’re starting to see so many things play out, and are even getting some confirmation on things we thought were happening.

Starting with a young Cersei going to see some kind of fortune teller out in the woods; of a location that they didn’t explain.

If I had to guess it was somewhere in Dorne. For all I know, it could be somewhere around Castily Rock. The fortune teller gave the young Cersei a prophecy which, has turned out to be true. The king had 20 (or more), and she had 3; all with Gold Crowns. Again if you have not been watching the show, that scene won’t hit you like it did, all of us who’ve been invested these past 4 years. The scene then transitions to the Present story, picking up where Last Season left off.

Tywin Lannister is Dead – Jamie Lannister is inside keeping watch over his body, as Cersei comes in for a moment alone; with her brother, and the body of her father – killed by “that little Monster – I’ve been telling you for years, but you’ve always protected him” …… Consequences. For every choice, for every decision you and I make there are Consequences. While watching the first episode I couldn’t help but wonder, if the choice to go and see the fortune teller caused Cersei to pursue the path that she is on. Later, at the gathering that looked sorta like a Repass; Lancil Lannister (the ‘cousin’ that Cersei used as a substitute while her brother was a Prisoner of “King of the North”, Rob Stark, during season 2) showed up, and held a short conversation that I Feel is going to play a Major role in the storyline this season.

I won’t lie, the whole time I was wondering if He was going to attempt to Kill Cersei in that private meeting; after his father called him a Religious Zealot; She IS a brother And cousin fucker afterall …

And he Was talking all crazy like … so, I was wondering if that ‘might’ go down.

I still think that conversation set up a major plotline.

Just as the conversations between two of my favorite characters – Varys and Tyrion Lannister.

Fresh from killing his father and being smuggled across the sea to Pentos by Lord Varys, these two are once again going to be spending some time together this season. I really enjoyed a lot of the conversations they had during Season 2, while Tyrion sat in as Hand of the King (for his father). The conversations in this show are so relevant, and that is one of several reasons that this show is as popular as it is. What these two talked about in last nights show, is also going to be Major as we move forward.

It was also a major confirmation of some things many of us thought – all along, Varys has talked about having birds (spies) in all areas of the Realm; all this time we’ve had clues that Varys has much more power than he would seem to have. Last night he talked more about the “Group of People” he works with, for the good of the Realm. People who he began working with, to make sure King Robert Baratheon didn’t squander the peace, unity and prosperity that the Targaryen Family brought to the Realm. This peace was indeed disturbed by the father of Queen Daenerys — but, that is why Varys and his “group of people” have worked so hard to keep her alive. The hope, that she can once again rule a Kingdom that rightfully belongs to her.

At least… as far as we know it does.

Queen Daenerys

Speaking of Queen Daenerys, we learn she cannot control her Dragons. If she’s going to rule over Westoros, and possibly even Easteros – this is something she’s going to have to learn. It looks like her two youngest dragons are pretty Upset about being locked away. Looking forward to how that plays out this season – something tells me she’s going to figure it out. So far, she’s done that time and time again.

Another one of my favorite Characters – King Stannis Baratheon, who believes he is the one true King of Westeros makes a Grand Appearance. I just love how he never minces his words. He’s a straight shooter, and he gives the “King beyond the Wall”, Mance Rayder a proposition he better NOT refuse; bend the knee, and swear loyalty – Or burn to death. Jon Snow, was sent to deliver this message, and Mance, decided to be a Wildling to his last day.

He met his end, while giving a warning about, The Wars to Come – setting up what is sure to be a POWERFUL Season, on one of the most popular television shows of all time.

For those who missed it; be sure to check out the full ‘inside the Episode review‘ put together by the Writers, Producers and Directors of Game of Thrones;

They always do a very good job of explaining some things you and I may have missed.

Jon Snow put Mance out of his misery last night, and that may cause some issues for him going forward. However, Jon is a leader, and always has been a leader. he’s a rare, good man in a world full of corruption. That was a great way to end the show last night; but again – If last night’s show as your first time watching, and you weren’t quite sure what you saw – Go Back to Season One, and catch up with the show first.

Then you’ll understand everything you saw, in it’s proper context.   There are plenty Wars to Come – and we’re absolutely about to enjoy watching them all unfold.

We’re going to see Wars to Come with Cersei and Margorie – possible Wars to come with the Nights Watch, and King Stannis. Possibly also, Wars to come within Mereen, as “Sons of the Harpee” have killed one of the Unsullied. We also know, that Winter is Coming, and with so much looming … Game of Thrones fans are locked in, for another incredible ride. Stay tuned for the remainder of this season!

Stay tuned for more reviews coming all Season long; for Season 5 – and depending on how these go, I may even back track and do reviews for Seasons 1-4.

There is a lot I want to say as well that’ll tie in; so be sure to also stay tuned for ‘related articles’ – that discuss how the constant Power Moves you see taking place in this show, are relevant to the modern times we all find ourselves in today. But, that commentary is coming your way at a later time. Thanks for Reading!

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