Jussie Sentenced to more Time than Karens and January 6th Terrorists

Jussie Sentenced Not Suicidal No Justice Served

Jussie Smollette was found guilty for staging his own confrontation with MAGA terrorists.  The incident, never happened, was completely made up and, nobody really knows what drove him to do such a silly thing.  We talked about Jussie’s case here on SoPoCo, cause while we felt it was silly, it did not warrant an entire trial, and certainly no jail time. Jussie is a black man in America however, and we should’ve seen the guilty verdict coming.

Jussie Sentenced to 150 days, roughly 5 months, in prison:

As he was on his way to start serving his sentence, Jussie Smolett wanted to make sure we knew, he is not suicidal.  This drew a lot of laughs from people, cause who does he think he is?  That’s kinda the driving question at the heart of this to be honest. What is driving Jussie to do the things he’s done?

Does Jussie know something, about powerful people in Hollywood?  Is there a serious reason that he took time, to tell us, he’s not going to commit suicide in prison?  Does he expect someone to take him out?  I don’t move in those same circles, and there is really no telling what Jussie became privy to, during his brief run as a ‘celebrity’.

I say brief, cause I do believe his career is completely over at this point. When he gets out of prison, I doubt any studio hires him for work. Lots of people are upset with Jussie.  Several white people are mad at Jussie, for saying he was attacked by white people. They’re super upset about that, in spite of all the times throughout history, that a white person has lied and claimed a black person did something to them.

We’ve talked about “Karens” who call police on black people, largely to make false accusations:

The biggest thing the racist whites hate, is to be called out for their racism.  It’s pretty mind boggling really. If you’re gonna be a racist, why not be one proudly, without all the deceit and dishonesty?  When we call KKK members racist, they go into this ‘thing’ where they play offended.  Then, they lie and say they’re not, what they absolutely are.

That’s why this whole case upset white people. How dare Jussie ‘make up’ a scenario, that did not happen, where he claimed whites, did something racist.  At no point, do white people ever plan to concede, that racism exists within their culture. They’d rather flat out lie and say it’s not there. White people make it very difficult to solve the problems our society has, with their flat out dishonesty about racism.

With Jussie sentenced to 150 days in prison, it becomes even more obvious how racist white people are.

None of the Karens, or BBQ Becky whites have been put in prison, for false claims.

There is no clamoring from white America to see justice served. They’re not pleading for law enforcement to arrest whites who make false claims on black people. You won’t find any of them shaming these whites for those actions.  But you’ll find plenty, shaming Jussie for what he did. How dare he …


The same exact white people shaming Jussie, are making excuses for the whites who stormed the Capital on Jan. 6th.  In fact, many are on twitter outright lying about this too. Several are saying these criminals, who literally broke into the Capital, broke windows, damaged property, hoping to do physical harm to Senators, don’t deserve jailtime.

They want apologies from Jussie, but don’t want to apologize for what their fellow whites have done, to black people. These white folks don’t even want to pay Reparations to black people.  As we’ve said before, Jussie was out of line for all of this .  However, whites in America have done far worse, and none of them served a day in prison for it. 

Free Jussie!