Special Master Trump vs DOJ fake news

How Fake News Really Goes – DOJ vs. Donald Trump

Gonna be honest with you and say, I have no idea what a Special Master is. However it sounds racist. Apparently, it is a ‘legal term’ that I’m gonna need to google, before I finish writing this one. As I dive into, how fake news really goes.  For the past few months, we have all been bombarded, with news channels covering the DOJ vs. Donald Trump.

First, there were those January 6th ‘hearings’ that have mostly proven useless. I do understand they plan to hold even more, and the entire goal is to give the DOJ enough evidence to arrest Trump. It’ll be at their discretion however, cause they may still choose to let Donald be free.  But, let the news tell it, and they’ll have people thinking either Trump is for certain going to jail, or that he is absolutely being persecuted for no reason whatsoever.

This, all depends on which way you lean politically, and which News station you tune into.

What’s fake, about all of this news, is like so much within white society, it avoids speaking plainly about these matters.  News, caters to their audience rather, than catering to the truth. Regardless of the station, news ‘should’ report what is actually happening. Lots of opinions take over instead.

Most news, is commentary – just like SoPoCo.net – which is NOT a News site! We offer ‘commentary’ on the things happening within our social and political world. These are opinions, for the most part. Often I will link to other sources, provide videos, or images to back my opinions, but they are opinions, none the less.

The news however, is an institution that is viewed as a trusted outlet.

Instead, it’s mostly, Fake News, just as the former President called it.

Too much of what is presented as news, as fact, is merely opinion, and watered down commentary.

Rarely if ever, does the news speak plainly to the gross inequalities in our justice system. On January 6th, thousands of mostly white males, broke several laws while bumrushing the Capital. Yet, very few of them, have faced any punishment for those actions.  That sends all the wrong messages, regardless of which way you lean politically.

If you’re a conservative, you saw nothing wrong with the chaos that unfolded on that fateful day. However that is your opinion, which often is bias, by the fact you’re not mature enough to want truth to rule.  You just want to be right, no matter what the costs are. That was a total debacle on that day, and now that Trump has broken even more laws, and might actually get in trouble this time, the same folks are threatening riots.

Because, there were no consequences for what they did, on January 6th.

News outlets aren’t reporting on that angle though.  Outlets seen as, ‘liberal leaning’, report on all that is happening with such glee. They feel like their ‘side’ is ‘winning’, and again, are not preparing people for what’s ‘really’ going on. America is falling apart, day by day.

What holds this nation together, regardless of how I often feel about this country, are ‘laws’ …

But when the laws are not enforced, equally, the nation cannot withstand that.  White people, continue to get away with just about everything. They are given multiple chances, and are hit with the least possible punishments the ‘law’ can find.  Had a black person stole top secret documents from the White House, they’d be under the jail by now.

Donald Trump is a white male however, so it’s going to take weeks of investigations first. They have to determine all types of shit they wouldn’t worry about with a black person, until ‘after’ that black ass was in jail.  Only way they’d be out of jail, is if they were ‘out on bail’ …  Outlets like CNN, and MSNBC report on these matters, ‘as if’ all of what is happening, is the way it always goes.

We don’t even know what Special Masters are…

Then again, perhaps if you are white, you do.  Cause, that sounds extra white, to request a New Investigator to take over an investigation weeks after that investigation already began.  Why is it called a ‘special master’ to begin with?  I guess when a ‘regular master’ isn’t good enough …