Racist Rosanne Never Should've Been Hired

Racist Rosanne Reactions

How did Racist Rosanne get a tv show, again, in the first place?  That was my first thought, upon hearing she was getting her old show back.  I’ll be the first to tell you I have not seen a single second of the new season. I just learned, due to the recent controversy, that they had a little black girl on the show. Television is never without it’s tokenism. I guess I’ll never know what role that little black girl was being used for.  That seems to be the only way they ‘put’ us in those kinds of shows.

Just to either push an agenda or some idea they want to get across.

Which is why it made me wonder just why Racist Rosanne was getting a show.  What agenda were they pushing with that decision?  There was a clear message being sent to all of us. That message is that we, in the television community, are more interested in making money than promoting morality. I’ll be real though, That is America …. (or this is? …)

This truly is a nation, more concerned with profits than prosperity.

So yea, let’s push racism as a narrative for entertainment & cash in. Until, your racist television star, does something …. well … racist.

This isn’t Paula Dean folks. We’re talking about Rosanne Barr. She had a history of racism long before getting brought ‘back’ into the official, public eye. The most ‘recent’ example perhaps ….


I won’t spend time on these pages showcasing her history of racism. You should take time to learn about that, on your own. She has apologized for her racist remarks. Rosanne asked her ‘fans’ not to defend her actions. It sounded like she regrets that other actors lost their jobs. However you can look that up on your own too.

Instead, let’s get into some ‘Reactions to Racist Rosanne‘ ….. starting with, perhaps, my favorite …


That’s some real comedy right there.  White folks really do think they can just continue spewing all this hate towards us. Eventually, black people are going to say, enough is enough. Instead of continuing to poke the bear, and whine about it’s response (aka white victimhood mentality) – stop poking bears.  Life really is that simple.   Because of her thoughtless, racist comments, thousands of people are now out of a job. Racist Rosanne acknowledged that, in her ‘reaction’ to having her show cancelled by ABC.

The empty apology from Racist Rosanne to Valerie Jarrett


It’s always a joke right? Racism is nothing to joke about and yet, white people find it so hilarious. The only time they’re sorry for it, is when the repercussions come.  She went on to blame her racism on, Ambien, and late night hours.  Kinda like how when people have too much to drink, the ‘real truth’ comes out…. that’s what’s going on here. Rosanne and people like her (white trash) actually believe everyone ‘else’ is a monkey. They believe other people are beneath them, and she simply let her real thoughts loose, on twitter. That’s the thing to do nowadays….


Naturally, Ambien wanted no parts of this nonsense. They issued a statement, that Racism is not a ‘known side effect’ of taking their drug.

White Denial is a side effect of racism though. Pretending that your ‘white’ way of doing things is working, is not going to work for much longer.   Thinking that you can just hate others forever and do nothing about racism in your culture, is shortsighted. Terrorizing black people with guns, police states, and laws is only going to work, for so long in the ‘age of information’.  I tell folks all the time, this is a good thing.

It’s better to see that the enemy is alive and well, than to believe he’s dead and gone.