The North Failed America (Civil war)

Civil War Topic: How The North Failed America

Let’s talk about how The North Failed America, after the Civil War. While it’s true, the North won the war, the vision they fought for we are yet to experience. As a nation, this idea so many people talk about, an American dream, is still that, just a dream. It can never be a nation of freedom for all, until it’s a nation of freedom for all. We are still not ‘brave’ enough, to do what it takes, to create that kind of place. By now it may be too late.

The following, is a True story ….

…. in one of these ‘groups’ i’m in on this facebook; (that I need to leave alone; interaction with strangers is why your boy always in trouble with the ‘laws’ on here …. #idigress) ……….. a topic is asked, about ‘What should America have Done At the end of The Civil War?” …………. and I respond with the typical answer I’ve been giving for a while.

It’s a hard stance; it’s highly controversial; Most will not agree; And it is sure to touch a few nerves;

I’m sure a handful of people mad at me for stating it, openly, over the years, and I’m ok with that. It’s “my truth” as people like to say these days; and I believe our world today, would be an entirely different place, if what I’m saying had went the way I am saying it; anyways…..

It touched a nerve; it doesn’t fail; again, I have said this before;

I feel, the North should have put every single traitor from the south, to the gallows; all of them; their wives and children too.

Yep, I know that sounds harsh; but America would be a different nation; a better nation; the ‘last’ thing anybody here would do, is mistreat others based solely on skin color; wealth would be much more evenly dispersed …….. we might have messed around and created peace on earth; utopian and all; of course there would still be problems, but nothing like what we deal with now.

I’ll admit, perhaps those ‘other problems’ that I cannot imagine at the moment, would be far worse! I doubt it though … the wealth created from the wrongs of slavery would have been properly redistributed and reinvested into our society; There would have been even more wealth generated here, and this model of democracy would have had an undeniable impact on the entire world; where other citizens of other nations would ‘truly’ seek to model themselves, after us; our entire ‘focus’ as a planet would be on other things — just may have colonized Mars, and the Moon by now – made them into livable terrains; and had the transportation issue all figured out, as our collective energies would be on more productive activities.

(the following story took place in Canada; just an example to keep in mind for later in this story;)

But no………… instead, the north let ignorance live; it allowed ignorance and hate, and backwards thinking to thrive – to rebuild – to repopulate —> had nerve to have a ‘slogan’, The South will rise Again —> all openly shouting it too, and people today are shocked at Jan 6th; were shocked at Trump in 2016; are shocked at all the police killings of unarmed black people —> Y’all are hilarious; maybe allowing the ignorance of the south to rise again, also is why so many people in the nation are slow as a snail when it comes to a lot of these concepts; that and this other thing……

The person who got mad……………

They gone come at me with some … “Oh? even my ancestors too?? (she is black, supposedly but hit me with) my bloodline is Acadian; they had nothing to do with slavery! I wouldn’t be here!!!” …………… 😐 😐 ………. so yea; I went on and entertained the nonsense.

Told her, that yea …. Even if it meant that she does not exist – I’d be for it; because if she’s gonna be in a ‘pro-black’ group, talking against black progress, and defending her Ancestors with Flat out LIES about how they had nothing to do with Slavery —> Then yea, it’d be better if she wasn’t here too; Clogging up all the Progress; Holding up Shields for white supremacy; Making excuses for why it was a good decision, to let the hate live.

🦝🦝🦝’s ……….. yes, absolutely, a world without the CONFUSED class; the ones created TO create opposition; to keep problems alive; to ensure things remain the same; would all be BETTER than this thang we got goin now; also…. I went on and looked up the Acadians; found out, several of them, not only participated IN Slavery, but were some of the fiercest proponents of it! (Acadians were French; many were in Canada others in the deep South;)

…. and that’s almost always how it goes;

I’m 43 and almost everytime I get into it with a person who is NOT black; who claims their ancestors had ‘nothing to do with it’, or ‘didn’t own slaves’ – or something of that level of deflection; I always ask them to PROVE IT — and they never do; Never; Not one iota of evidence to back their claims, that they come from the rare, good stock, of white people who were not pushing ignorance and hate into the world, at that time —- > It’s emotional; the ‘response’ to my controversial statement. I get it too, I truly do.

Even if your ancestors are racist animals who worship the devil, they clothed and fed you; they provided ‘legacy’ and ‘income’ and created ‘opportunities’ to ensure you can eat, every day; that you are not struggling to survive out here ::: you are straight; and the last thing you wanna do, is CURSE Them; you don’t wanna criticize them, or admit, that perhaps, they should not have even existed long enough to do what they did; that you shouldn’t have what you have; that’s Emotional …..

I get it … that’s hard to do; who wakes up in a mansion and decides one day, they don’t deserve it – since their parents stole the mansion from its’ previous owner?

It makes sense to me; and yet, none of us would even be considering these things, if the North did what they should have done, so many years ago. It wasn’t in their hearts though. I get that too. The goal was never to ‘end’ racism, inequality, or the oppression of the black race. It was all about PR – ‘slavery’ was no longer ‘cool’ in a world that was moving away from ‘terms’ like that; it needed an Image Makeover.

America needed to ‘make itself’ into a ‘moral authority’ to wield more power in the world, over other nations who refused to get ‘with the times’ — that’s how we end up fighting the Nazis, for doing what America did, and was still doing, for hundreds of years; like … Never Forget that …. the Nazis learned from the Founding Fathers … that’s who Hitler looked up to.

General Lee was his hero … Adolf was like ‘that mf spittin!’ ….

Hopefully we can avoid another Civil War on these lands – much work to do –