Bishop Talbert Swan Trolled by Racist Whites

Bishop Talbert Swan Being Trolled by White Supremacists

Bishop Talbert Swan, is a very outspoken preacher and pastor on these, social media internets. He’s so outspoken, that similar to the comment section here on SoPoCo, he becomes targets of hate speech, by white supremacists. Listen, I am not getting into the semantics of whether or not, these backwards, inferiority complex having white people are ‘actually’ superior. Getting into all that, is a distraction from the topic at hand. That topic, is these white people THINK They are superior, and ‘that’ is the belief system they promote to one another.

Yes, it’s truly white fragility, it’s white inferiority complex, and it’s a lot of things ‘other’ than Supreme.

But, it is, what it is. It’s the ‘most natural form of white supremacy’, trolling. Moving in large groups, to use ‘power of numbers’ against others. Again, we break this down on tis platform often, but are YOU listening and learning?

Let’s get into what’s happening to Bishop Talbert Swan.

Using a few posts from his Instagram page, let’s discuss how white supremacy has been trolling him. We’ll also reference an old article from us, about how False Flagging works, on these white owned Gatekeeper social media websites. 


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Here is the video of “Pastor” Greg Locke, preaching hate to his congregation. As you see, this video on Twitter, is still up, and has thousands of ‘likes’ and shares.

The “Right Wing” media page that posted it, will not be punished, because not enough people will flag their posts. But, the outspoken Bishop who confronts white supremacists, is going to be flagged up and down – that’s how these sites work.

Let’s talk a bit more about this “pastor” Greg Locke ….

… Conservatives are endangering the rest of us. I get it, freedom of speech and all that. It does not matter if that speech is ‘hate speech’ or inaccurate speech.  These same people who want to say what they wanna say, however, ironically, do NOT have interest in other people speaking freely.  Let’s get back to Bishop Talbert Swan, to show more of what I mean.


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To reiterate: Bishop Talbert Swam posted a message of hate, sent to him. Instead of the person who sent the hate speech facing punishment (because they were not flagged, by enough people) – Bishop was punished.


White ‘supremacists’ move in large groups. They see what Bishop Swan posts, and it drives them nuts; Just like with the article about Black People Being the Original Americans, or when we wrote about how racist Tim Conway (and his audience) is. Whites jump into our comments, to voice their displeasure with the information being shared. Good thing we OWN this platform, or we’d be censored.

Black people are the only ones who actually get censored on Social Media.

Conservatives, dishonestly as usual, loudly talk about how Alex Jones and Donald Trump have been censored. These are 2 out of 2 million though. Whites are spreading hate, and misinformation on social media daily.  This isn’t to say Blacks aren’t ‘also’ using social media the same way; especially those sellout TOMMING black conservatives. They parrot anything white massa says, all in hopes of currying ‘that favor’.


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Just why is Bishop Talbert Swan always under attack by white people? Don’t these same conservatives believe in ‘the constitution’ and ‘the first amendment’ … ?  Sadly, this is the ongoing problem with racist white people. They’re hypocrites and bold faced liars. They’re all about ‘the law’ and ‘the rules’ so long as it benefits them.   If anyone who isn’t white gains an advantage, it’s not ok!

This is how skewed their world view is, and it’s highly problematic to the rest of us, who have to share earth with them. Just how do you ‘reason’ with the unreasonable?  Their belief system is rooted in myths and fantasies.  One look at what are often labeled as ‘terrorist organizations’ in Arab nations, and you’ll understand that myths and fantasies can be powerful. People are willing to murder themselves, if they can take out enough others with them. It’s literally insane, and yet we see it all the time.

The same indoctrination that happens, to recruit Arabs into these hate-based organizations, happens in white America too.


They also ‘lie’ … like, a lot. This same ‘white pastor’ claims that his account is also being threatened. But what you wont’ find, is him posting ‘screenshots’ of those threats, like you see from Bishop Talbert Swan.

Conservatives did this with Obamacare as well.  Constantly complaining about their health insurance going up, but literally none of them posted any evidence. Evidence does not matter however, when you’re part of ‘mob think’.  If enough people say it’s true, then it’s true. This is why many conservatives ‘still believe’ that Donald Trump won that last election.

Evidence does not matter!

It never has, to these people.  Every story on massacres in black towns like Tulsa, Oklahoma, involves mobs, large groups of white people, believing a lie. 

The vast majority of ‘racist beliefs’ that white people have, are also, lies. I’ve often told people that is the difference between what white people ‘define’ as racism, and what racism actually is. White people feel that anything said, about white people, is racism. They fail to factor in, ‘if what is said, is true or false’.

Racism, is about ‘false statements about groups of people.’  Racism isn’t ‘the statement’ itself. If the statement is true, its’ truth.

When it isn’t, it’s … racism.

Racism is about dishonesty, it’s about lies and it’s about hypocrisy.

Speaking the truth, can never be racist!

We need more white people to understand this, so they can do a better job ‘teaching it’, to one another.

Meanwhile, Bishop Swan and others, who speak out against white people who are racist and filled with hate, can expect more of this. These gatekeeper social media websites are monitored by algorithms. If ‘enough people’ flag a post, it’ll be reviewed – and if the ‘program’ sees certain words, the account can be terminated.

Whites who are racist, have always sought to silence truth. That’s why they murdered Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Nothing new under this sun.