Michael Cohen Testifies before Congress, looking like Rust Cohle

Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress (Racism of Trump)

Michael Cohen Testifies before congress today, and one of several early reactions is that, Donald Trump is a racist. I’ll be the first to tell you nothing about that is new, or newsworthy. This has been known (in my Dothraki accent) since the man ran for the office. We all know, and have known, that he was put in office by a ‘racist base’. The unfortunate aspect of all this, is that we as a nation have not learned from the mistakes of our past.  Racism, however has driven our nation to this point where a Reality TV star, a con man, and failed business man, is “leader of the free world”. The freedom black people have enjoyed, has bothered ‘racist white America’ for some time now.

They never wanted to let black people off the plantation …

(Watch the full video from today; as Michael Cohen Testifies before Congress (The house Oversight and Reform Committee :: courtesy of TIME Magazine on YouTube)

So much for us actually making america great, when all we want to do is live in the past. It’s our confusion about the past, that seems to be the root of our current dilemmas. Often I have shared that our admiration of the founding fathers of this country takes our discourse down the wrong path. The founding fathers, were evil monsters who raped and pillaged. They sanctioned crimes against humanity, and murdered untold thousands so they could ‘call themselves’ great.

What was Great about these men?

The answer to this question, unveils a truth about far too many white people. They’re envious of a time period when white people could, with impunity, fully control black people. Black lives, only ever mattered to them in as far as they could benefit ‘from’ those lives. It’s a very, vampire like relationship, that white and black society have had, here in America. This ‘might’ offend white people who hate to admit truth but … white society obviously, are the vampires of this story.


To be ‘great’, white America has always sought to drink and drain the very life forces of Black people. Again some of you will ‘argue’ or get mad in the comments. That’s what the platform is for… This is where myself and other writers can share freely, and you can too. However, what we saw today, is more of the same. Republicans tend to be a lot more outwardly racist than Democrats. Trotting out this black ‘friend’ is just another repeat of what this administration has been about too. These are merely, photo opps.

Sadly, the Token Black has always been ok with JUST being in the Photo ….

You see … in order to ‘qualify ‘as the token black friend, a black person has to be a ‘certain type’ of black person.  Again, this is the History of our nation, it has always been this way.


We saw some displays of modern day racism during this session, with Michael Cohen testifying to the house. The ‘token’ black friend was, trotted out, to tell the world that Donald Trump is not a racist!  We can all remember Omarosa doing the same ‘dance’, when she was still in those good graces.  Disproving the ‘false claim’ that a black woman would never work, for a racist white person. Sadly, that’s what black people have been doing in America, for over 300 years now.


Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress On Having a Token Black Friend, and If you Can still Be Racist –

This however, is a question I can only really see coming from someone who is black. As stated here, a few times, white people are the only ones who can end racism. When debating with racist family members, ‘giving up’ isn’t really going to help. Keep telling those family members who, and what they are. Even when they pass on, be sure to keep it honest about them. This lack of honesty about people who die, is how we have got to a point where we ‘celebrate’ the founding fathers of America. All of the men & women who ‘gave birth’ to a nation built and based on inequality, should be forever shamed, instead of praised.

On ‘code’, Michael Cohen testifies to the realities we already knew, that he’s a racist piece of ….

But when it came down to Russia, and Collusion, … and alleged Treason … what did Cohen have to say?

He basically, said nothing.

This testimony, was a waste of your precious time today. Unless you’re just looking for more evidence that we as a nation have SO much work to do, to be ‘great’. We are still, like the ‘flat circle theory’ from True Detective, circling the drain … repeating the same mistakes over and over.

… This ‘self importance’ we place on ourselves, keeps humanity from truly giving a fuck about others.  This is why we won’t speak honestly about the founding fathers. Even has Michael Cohen testifies that Trump is a racist, a cheat, and a con man … he won’t betray him. Whites, calling other whites racist, is a big no no in white society. They have a reputation, and privileges to maintain.  Yet, being a racist in America doesn’t’ come with jailtime, like collusion with Russia would.

This is a world where nothing is solved. Time is a flat circle. Everything we are ever going to do, we do over, and over again…. Rust Cole, Season 1 True Detective

Today was a head nod, to his former client, that he’s still keeping the big ones close to the vest.