Alex Jones Knows Why Bill O’Reilly Got Fired From Fox News

Alex Jones claims he knows why Bill O’Reilly got fired from Fox News. The funniest thing about all of this is, Alex Jones may be the least credible person to break this story. The reasons he gives for the firing of Bill O’Reilly sound like pure, well, Performance Art.

The reasons listed from Alex Jones on Why Bill O’Reilly was Fired from Fox news

  1. He Sold Out TO the Globalist
  2. Bill O’Reilly is part of a Child/Celebrity Sex Ring with Roger Ailes
  3. The Ruppert Murdoch Empire is cleaning house of anyone who’s Quasi against Trump
  4. Bill was ‘Conservative Lite’

Then he goes on to talk about a role he played in a film called ‘A Scanner Darkly‘, which ironically IS coming true. If you’ve never seen that movie you really should take a moment. The film speaks to how the ‘people who run things‘ will use anything to remain in control over society. They set up a drug war, after releasing a drug into the population that they know will have side effects. Just as Alex mentions that Bill ‘used’ to report on stories like the CIA bringing drugs into the country, we know the original Drug War was (and still is) a phony war.  We know it’s a continuation of slavery, and used to justify locking black people up.

With so much going on today, we may need to wonder if the legalization of marijuana is being fought or promoted for the benefit of others.

A scanner darkly, Alex Jones and Bill O'Reilly

Alex Jones is actually in the film, and does get arrested for ‘free speech’ in this film. I thought that was pretty interesting, having seen the film myself. It’s actually one of my favorite films because of how prophetic it continues to be. Quick scene from the film below.

Alex Jones sorta uses that to defend himself against recent reports, coming out over his Divorce trial. His own lawyer has said that he is a performance artist, playing a character. Much of the ‘free speech’ he shares over his infowars platform, is a huge reason Donald Trump won the Election.

He has been out front pushing him all along as the man to take down the Evil Globalists.  Unfortunately, many people (like myself) who have followed Alex Jones for years, believe he’s been compromised years ago. He’s no longer who he used to be.

I really don’t believe much of what Alex is talking about myself anymore. I doubt these are the real reasons O’Reilly was fired from Fox News.

To me, it had more to do with making sure white women are pleased. Afterall, that’s always been what this nation is about. America is all about making sure that white women are comfortable. Bill O’Reilly spent years on the air dividing the nation along racial lines. He supported the Police, pushed Blue Lives Matter as a ‘response’ to Black Lives Matter.  He made fun of Maxine Waters hair because, that’s what racist white people do. They roast on black people’s looks.

In spite of all the things he did to the black community, when it came to light that he and Roger had been abusing White women, they had to be removed.

Any other explanation, most likely is just, performance art!

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