White Supremacist Police Officers : FBI Report from 10 Years Ago

white supremacist police officer in Philly
This white supremacist police officer in Philly was caught on camera with his sleeves up! We see what's 'up his sleeves', and it makes us wonder what others are hiding too! Can white supremacists truly administer 'justice' and protect people? The FBI thinks not!

Here we are again folks. Let’s get into white supremacist police officers for a few moments. I came across an article from PBS.org, that discusses an FBI report, 10 years ago, saying they were ‘worried’ about white supremacists police officers. They felt, that if they began infiltrating law enforcement they would sabotage justice.

Hmmm, that really sounds like a reason to keep white supremacists on the FBI watch list right? I guess when a new administration comes in, and appoints people who lean toward white supremacy to ‘lead’ the justice department, that move only makes sense. (See Jeff Sessions in Full Klansman Mode)

Here is that article from PBS.org, about white supremacy in law enforcement.

I came across it, in a thread on the most recent instance of Police terrorizing the black community This time, it happened in Gwinnett County (outside of Atlanta, GA). What You Know About The Dirty South! The two police officers who assaulted a black man, for, being black were fired. However, is that really enough?

On the flip side, is it not sad, that most of us know ‘even if’ they are brought up on charges, they could get off?  We’ve covered a few cases, where the police got away with murder!

So, why would Trump Take white supremacist groups off the terrorist watch list?

To me, this makes no sense at all. Especially with all we’ve continued to see in recent years. While, the police are historically linked to these hate groups (I mean, its nothing new really), it does seem like there is an uptake in their blatant violence.

Then again, perhaps it’s just because now, we have cameras to catch what’s been happening – and social media outlets to share it without filters.

So this discussion on white supremacist police officers, has also been happening unfiltered.

I mean, it looks like that’s what’s really what’s going on out here….

Here’s a ‘former’ white supremacist, talking about a movement he helped shape.

Now, he’s working to bring and end to racism. Just another of several examples of ‘what white people can do’. Some of the things you may read on these pages may offend a white person who actually IS racist. One of the problems with racism, is it makes people stupid. Raicst people, seek to muzzle the thoughts and ideas of others. They tune out, and do not listen to other points of view.

Worse, there is hate and harm that comes to other human beings because of racism.

There is no reason for humanity, to exist in the conditions we currently exist in. “Something” has to change, and allowing white supremacist police officers into law enforcement, just may be the main reason ‘The Fall of America’s Empiremay be under way.

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