Trolling White Supremacy Must Be Taken Seriously

What is Trolling White Supremacy and why must this be taken seriously?   – Let’s get into it.   I’ve said this for years but have often been talked badly about because of it. People have called me a hot head, and accused of loving to argue. I’ve been told that I’m wrong to confront racism, but I’ve done it anyway for years. Because I realize that there isn’t shit funny about racism. My ancestors were put through living hell while slavery was legal in this country. They justified the things they did with racism.

Out of that came jokes, and a culture of hate for my people that still impacts us to this day.

But today in our so called post racial society, most racist jokes are laughed off.

We all wondered if HBO would fire Bill Maher who’s jokes often push the line, but this time he went too far. He called himself a nigga, … a house nigga while ‘joking’ with a white guy on his show. He did go on to apologize, and I’m going to cover that on SoPoCo soon as well. The apology was needed, because racism isn’t funny. The shit that has been done to black people for too many years, isn’t funny at all. But it’ll continue if we as a society allow it.

Tariq Nasheed picked up on this and discussed it today on his show. He’s talking to ‘his audience’ and black people as a whole. “We need to take these racist trolls seriously”. (*update – the original video was taken down with his channel; targeted by trolls)

Working on a white supremacist watch list will be a major key to keeping black people safe. When white people are making fun of black people, it’s because they truly believe they are better than blacks are. Many of them truly believe in their hearts that they are a more evolved human being. Even if their actions and ideas exhibit the opposite, this is what they believe. We talked about some of what they’re doing now, with Pepe, and Kek.

White supremacy is constantly evolving and changing.  Unfortunately, too often black people are lulled asleep and do not realize the threat is looming.  We say that the people trolling us online are not actual threats to us, but then something happens.

Trolling White Supremacy

Today, House Representative Steve Scalise was Shot at a baseball game.  However, as Tariq points out, Steve Scalise is a white supremacist and is tied to their organizations.  The Daily Beast has written about this representative before and his ‘ties’ to the confederacy.  Steve Scalise Shows There is a Fine Line between Confederacy & Southern GOP. Here are those Receipts from on Steve Scalise and his white supremacist ties.

These people are a problem in our nation, and we (as a nation) continue to not take them seriously.

We’ve been talking about this ongoing problem though, and how it’s linked to the Civil War; Their motto is The south will rise again,” and we continue to talk like they don’t mean it.  They do. But for some reason this society allows them to exist, as if they are not the very Terrorist Organization that puts us in the most danger as a nation.

They strike in so many ways, including using “Rape” as a Weapon. This week, we saw Bill Cosby taken to court and we’re all awaiting to see if he’ll be exonerated. Even though the story makes no sense, there is still a chance, Bill Cosby is going to jail.    Even the black guy on The Bachelorette show is going to be in serious trouble, because of Trolling white supremacy.

Trolling is the most natural state of white supremacy, as they are usually moving in Large groups.

This is how they get their evil tasks accomplished.  It doesn’t fall on one or two people, but they take on group tasks. Then they’ll turn around in unison and play victim, which so many did today with Steve Scalise. They’ll pretend they hate they put out in the world, isn’t destined to come back!  It does, without fail, every single time…..

SO if you’re a ‘good white person’ even you are in danger. I’m sure not everyone shot at the baseball game is alt-right, but they tolerate these people.  They are putting us all in danger with their hate filled and divisive ideas. Unfortunately, White people are the only ones who can End Racism. So until they get uncomfortable enough to do something, more of trolling white supremacy will continue….. harming us all, along the way.

*Update : Since I wrote this, trolling white supremacy has continued to be a problem for Tariq Nasheed. Read more about their latest attempt in ‘Shut Up Tariq is More White Trolling On Display’   You’ll see how this ‘pattern of jokes’ often does lead to them ‘acting out’ their jokes.

The harm they have caused the world, is the very reason Trolling white supremacy must be taken seriously. It’s not a joke.

*update – Read about white people calling the police on black people; and how it literally endangers black lives.