Good black fathers matter: LaVar Ball, Richard Williams

Good Black Fathers Matter in Participation Trophy Society

Good black fathers matter, in our current participation trophy society.  Richard Williams and LaVar Ball are excellent examples of the impact a father can have on their children. Whether those children are boys or girls; they can Speak Success into their children, and influence how they turn out ….

We don’t like to really give credit to good parenting; i guess because it makes people who haven’t been that good at it, ‘feel bad’ – and we don’t do that, especially not in today’s society!

Everyone, gets a trophy ….
no one is to criticize others, ever …

  • – If you’re black and the police murder you; it had to be your fault cause, we cannot Criticize the Police….
  • – if you’re a conservative and your guy Steals Top secret Documents, the FBI must be on some b.s. cause we cannot criticize our second coming of the Lord Jesus, ….
  • – if you’re a hardcore Liberal, and your guy is giving money to everyone but Americans, you cannot criticize him; Those other nations need it more than we do, regardless of how high gas, food and rent is; we must not be working hard enough, cause we sure cannot be criticizing the sitting, Democratic President ….

— and you see just how fucking silly Participation Trophy shit has made our society

Meanwhile, in Reality, everyone does NOT get trophies. Some people are better at things than others. Some people suck and should not be treated with the same level of respect, as the ones who do not ….

For a lot of us, this starts out at birth.

“Parents” who don’t know how to teach their kids how to Lose with Pride; with Honor; With Dignity; how to find Lessons in the Loss – instead, always want their Kid to feel good; even if they are on some bullshit. (for our white readers, ‘on some bullshit’ means your kid is a fuck up… or is fucking up … doing dumb shit … etc.)

Everybody gotta feel like a winner, even if they ain’t one….

Makes it harder and harder to recognize True greatness.  So great tv shows, or films, get trashed on Rotten Tomatoes. Athletes, especially the black ones, get their talents overlooked by media who’d rather talk about their personal lives. That was the challenge early on, for The Williams Sisters.  Media wanted to dig into who they were, who was raising them, and whether he was ‘too hard’ on them.  Richard Williams raised champions, who did nothing but dominate the Tennis world, for the past 20+ years now.

Richard Williams with Venus and Serena Williams

The impact of Venus and Serena, will last for a lifetime – They have, and will continue to inspire future Tennis players and beyond! We can trace it back to a good black father, named Richard Williams …

Several years later, comes LaVar Ball, who has 3 sons that played basketball. He loved his sons, (still does) and made sure everyone knew, how much confidence he had in them. Everywhere he went, he’d predict that all 3 would make it to the NBA.

How dare he have this much confidence … who does he think he is?  Cause, oddly enough, in this participation trophy society we have, Confident people get insulted for believing in themselves, or in others. There is a lot of confusion, and mixed messages being sent out. It’s got society in a bad place, if you were to ask me …  (and yes, I know, you did not ask.)

Good Black Fathers matter, and studies show that black men are very much present, in the lives of their children. 

Black men get a bad reputation in our society however, and there is a negative narrative of black men abandoning their children.

Nick Cannon for example, just had his 10th child, with I believe his 6th or 7th different baby mother, and all the ‘social media experts’ swear he won’t be a good father to his kids. Sadly, many of he people making these comments, did not have good fathers of their own.  It’s a lot of projecting, almost a hope that he will fail to be what his children will need, mostly cause their own fathers, failed them. (or so they feel…)

Most will argue, that the children need ‘time’ from their father.

Personally, I disagree. What a child needs the most from his or her father, is Support.  They need the support, to go after the dreams and goals that they have for themselves.  Many of us, do not get what we really want in life, because our parents may not have been able to support our dreams, at the same level we needed it.  Financially, Nick will be able to do absolutely anything his children need – with technology the way it is, spending ‘time’ talking to their father, will be more than possible as well.

I’m not here to speculate on the kind of father Nick Cannon is going to be however.  I can however, speak on the success of Richard Williams, and LaVar Ball.  More traditional fathers, raising kids in one house instead of several, they too, Supported the dreams of their children.  Venus and Serena wanted to play Tennis, Richard ensured they’d be the very best they could possibly be. He didn’t allow them to settle for just being ok, instead, pushed and motivated them, to be the all time greats that they became.

I’m sure that example, inspired LaVar with his sons.

Granted, currently they’re not on pace to be the best basketball players of all time, but, all 3 of his sons are NBA players, as of today. Gelo Ball, who’s path took a different turn along the way, finally made it onto an NBA roster, after Big Bro Lonzo, and little Bro Melo, have had very decent starts, to their NBA Careers. Cause they had good black fathers, supporting them along the way.  For our women readers, please do not discount the role of Good black mothers, as well!

That may be even MORE important – the ultimate message here, is speak success into your children. Lift them up, Encourage them, Push them to be their very best. Be honest with them and let them know it’s ok to be criticized in life.  Don’t let them settle for less than the very best they are capable of.  Let’s ‘raise’ our future generations out of participation trophy mentality. It’s ok to lose but did you compete?  Did you give it your all? That is what ultimately matters.

Many of these ‘lessons’ are well known within white families. It was broken ‘out’ of black families many generations ago. White society has done all they can, to keep the negative narratives going about black men, black women, and black children, for generations now. Good parenting, has the power to break that cycle forever. Good black fathers can empower greatness!