Bill Cosby Reactions by Black Women

Disappointing Bill Cosby Reactions By Black Women

Let’s get into these Bill Cosby Reactions:  I’ll just say, it’s been disappointing to see so many Black women suggest that any black Man who feels Bill Cosby did not do what he was accused of; and found guilty of (after a second trial, which I swore was double jeopardy) – it means We (black men) want to Rape women and get away with it, like white men do.

But here is the ‘main tweet’ that has caught traction with Black women everywhere … and it’s sad to see.

Yes, that is the literal talking point; and current argument going on between black Women and black Men right now; over this Bill Cosby mess; and it’s Disappointing….. as fuck!

It goes back to that other conversation about how straight black men want to be the white men of the black community. All these narratives are divisive nonsense and sadly too many black women and men buy into it. Notice, the talking point goes after ‘straight black males’ – as for some reason, the gay black community has become very anti black man. These seeds of division, are planted and black women are harvesting it’s negative fruit.  All of it …. sad ….

It’s sad To see so many black women who forgot about #EmmetTill.

 Such a let down to see so many black women who forget the role white women played in making sure George Zimmerman walked free –
To see so many black women not connect the dots between what happens to black men, all too often in this nation, on white people’s WORD alone; To see so many black women suggest that those of us pointing these things out, are “Just making Excuses, and deep down, we want to rape women and get away with it” ………….. actually hurts my heart.
Been on IG in some comments letting women know their POV is sad; Saw a few posts over on FaceBook today; smh, and all of it is just sad. Especially when I see men who are strong, and don’t care about all the Insults they are about to get by speaking out On those FB posts; who point out to these black women that “White Feminists” are NEVER coming to their defense …………..
White feminists haven’t said a word about Chikesia Clemons –
Also … White feminists were silent over how Sandra Bland was treated.
To this day, still, white feminists aren’t fighting for Justice for Korryn Gaines who was murdered by police in front of her son……
……inside her OWN apartment …….
……. and as all these injustices happen to black people, white feminists concern themselves with white women; How much white women are paid? – and how white women are being treated; all the while, they ignore black women (and men)– Here Our women go, aligning themselves, with groups that care nothing for us…..

Telling them that black men are their enemy …. when it’s never been the case.

That is what makes these Bill Cosby Reactions so disheartening truly. This should show black women that we very much still have a fight on ‘our‘ hands. Rather than unifying the black community, it’s helped to further split black men and women apart.  The suggestion that black men who disagree with the verdict, really want to rape women is idiotic. It’s shortsighted and blinds any other possibility from being truth. This way of thought literally opens the door for even more black men to be legally lynched. Regardless of how you felt about speeches given by Bill Cosby reactions that are this illogical harm us all. 
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 Meanwhile, the Golden State Killer will not face prosecution on rapes and murders he committed in the 70’s. The statue of Limitations ran out, you know, like they did with Bill Cosby. By pointing this out am I saying black men want to rape women and not be charged for it? No, that’s silly and absurd. What we are saying is look at the heinous crimes white men are Actually, Really Committing.  Black men are minding our business, doing none of that, and being put in jail FOR all of it.
 Sadly, black men and black women remain divided. That division is truly the root of all problems in the black community. I doubt this article or any other will open their hearts or minds to this reality.  A message like this, has to come from a white voice for black women to respect it.  With a few exceptions of course …

The only Black Woman I’m listening to, when it comes to these Bill Cosby Reactions is the black woman who worked by his side.

“What has happened is, declaration in the media, of guilt. Without Proof. It’s not about these women. It’s about the Obliteration of Legacy” – Phylicia Rashad

Naturally, the Media did not like these remarks and went in on Her for making them. The way most media outlets (white owned) have covered this story, all is with a purpose. They want to steer and guide the Bill Cosby reactions and successfully have. Most of society ignores all the people who knew him, because that doesn’t matter right? The media tells us we never truly know who anyone is.  Even though that is total and utter bullshit … as it heaps us all into the same pile.

Suggesting that all of us are capable of doing just about anything, at any time, is how the Media wants to play it.

They do this with most mass shooters, and play the whole ‘no one saw it coming’ angle. Highly negative reclusive people with guns, and no one saw the possible outcome?? With whites, the perception of innocence is always there. Whereas with blacks, the perception is always guilt, and it’s too bad that hasn’t changed.  It may be even worse, that black women (and men) contribute to the negative cycle.  Ignoring possible dangers with in the white community that puts us all at risk. All while continuing to view blacks who are harmless, as a threat, and murdering them.

This is stupid.

Yet, it’s also the society we are in; a society too many do nothing to change….

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