Truth – Black on Black Crime Comes From White on Black Crime

We about to give you the Truth about Black on Black Crime.

How did Jack say it in that movie?


I read an EXCELLENT article the other day on Why it’s So hard to talk to White people about Racism. I think you all should check it out BEFORE you read what I’m about to say. Especially if you are white. Because in order for this article to be helpful, you as a white person, will have the difficult job of swallowing what I’m about to share as truth, and not mere fiction. You will have the difficult job of NOT dismissing my thoughts as ‘just my feelings’ – and may have to do the Hard part, of digging up facts to support my claims.  You’ll only do this however, if you VIEW what I’m sharing as fact; rather than fiction.

So, here is the TRUTH! Black on black crime comes from white on black crime.

black on black crime comes from white on black crime

Ever since Mike Brown was shot down in the streets there has been a Movement that gets louder and louder; as several more unarmed black men and women are shot by the Police. Since Mike Brown died, several more black men and women became hashtags. It’s a damn shame. What’s worse, is that while so many people shout #BlackLivesMatter – there has been resistance; There has been push back. It comes in one of two forms usually.

  1. The first is, All Lives Matter – a phrase which that article I referenced already deals with perfectly!
  2. The second is – “What about black on black crime?” ……… so, here I go.

Let me deal with this subject – this way.

“So what about black on black crime?” = NOT a proper response to the conversation on police officers killing unarmed black people.

These are two separate issues and yet – are related at the same time; Because if one really wanted to ‘understand’ why black on black crime happens in the first place; that person cannot help but uncover how Poverty, Lack of Opportunity, Lack of Hope, Lack of Resources, Lack of education – all Lead to paths where a black person is willing, to end the life of another black person; if it means survival. This same reality, is the root ’cause’ of why White police officers Fear blacks; because the black community has been criminalized in every way; and pushed down to a point where, a white police officer does not view black people as ‘human beings’ – with a life worthy of preserving; JUST as youth in Chicago have come not to Value the lives of other black youth in Chicago; it’s all connected.

And no one minds talking about WHY black on black crime happens – in fact, black people have been Addressing this problem for about 20 years or more; The former pastor of My Church; Dr. Charles Mims, Jr. brought Bloods and Crips together in the 90’s; right after the Riots; and it was one of the first ever gang truces; and there have been several more since then; because there is a truce for a time; then something happens; and violence pops off; then a truce happens; then more b.s. pops off — That’s sorta what we’ve been looking at for the past 20+ years.— and to those who ‘really, really’ know the origins of Gang Violence; You know that at one time, the Bloods and Crips were Political Parties, like the Black Panthers.

You’ll know that these groups were Infiltrated by the FBI– operation #CoInTelPro is NOT a secret; black organizations that were working to uplift black people were brought down; GUNS were given to gangs in L.A. – after beef was created; and this same pattern was repeated throughout the nation; To pit blacks against blacks; and the cycle has continued – because the SYSTEM we are in reinforces the ideas behind the hate.

The MATRIX wasn’t just a movie; It was a film that attempted to explain to most of you; that you are Asleep. You’re in a dreamworld. The real world looks nothing like what most of you Imagine it to be, as your perceptions are often being manipulated.


However, it’s not Your Fault.

You, like Me, like all of us, were BORN into this system; this prison – a mental prison; which tells us what to think, and how to view one another in THIS society.

Now, those of you who are made aware of these facts, have the difficult decision of choosing to wake up FROM the dream; and actually live in the real world; where a War is happening. No one likes Wars though.

So many people will back down from a fight; and that is exactly why we’re in the position we’re in as a society. FEAR has been used accurately to keep the system running as is. Uninterrupted, for the most part.

It’s a system where White on black crime, created Black on black crime to keep black people in their place; as long as blacks are divided, they cannot stand up against outside forces who are against them. There is a war being waged on black people and it’s happening on multiple fronts. We’ve discussed several of these fronts right here on SoPoCo – and we thank you all for dropping by to see what we have to say. These are just our opinions; we leave the fact checking up to you. This is just a platform to freely express our thoughts; and these are mine, on black on black crime.

White on black crime has spurred black on black crime and is historically the driving force behind it. Solving one will resolve the other.

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Watch Fox News use it’s favorite ‘black on black’ tactic – pitting black people against black people is their favorite activity.


(The original video from Fox News featured Larry Elder and Marc Lamont Hill and it was taken down; that video has been replaced with commentary of the same issue, via The Young Turks.) 

It allows racist people to remain in their views; and say Look, a black man said it! It keeps them from internalizing the reality of how this society has devalued the black man. This opens the door for, a black man to say anything to survive. Rather than point out the huge problems in this society – which might make life more difficult for Larry Elder; he has chosen to take the path with least resistance. He’s always there, to answer the call when needed, to say the things that racist white people don’t want to say ‘on air’ … but want put out there, into the discussion. Shout outs to Marc Lamont Hill – who pointed out the reality that black people ARE addressing black on black crime; we could use some help though. We are ready, whenever the rest of you are.

We need to work together to FIX this system; so that black people are not disposable.