Jake Lockley hiding in plaine sight - Moon Knight

Jake Lockley is Handled Masterfully in MoonKnight

The way that Jake Lockley is handled in the television series Moon Knight, is masterful. Throughout this show we are mostly shown Two ‘personalities’ of Marc Spector and Steven Grant. Speaking with an English accent, Steven is the main focus, and it seems that Marc is a wildcard. At least, that is how it’s presented to us at first. Steven goes through entire nighttime rituals to try and keep Marc from taking over his body.

Naturally, these never work.

Steven continues waking up in places, having no idea how he arrived there. Eventually, he reaches a point where he ‘confronts’ the other person that is taking over his body….

When we meet Marc he denies being the one that is killing people. Often when Steven ‘wakes up’ from these take overs, people are laying around him dead. Naturally, he believes it’s is ‘other personality’ Marc, who is responsible.

This ends up having us as an audience really slowly coming to realize what’s actually going on, at the same pace that Steven is.

As Marc begins to emerge in this story, it’s clear that he is aware of Steven. It’s Steven, who seems to be entirely surprised that he is apparently, suffering from dissociative personality disorder. He’s wondering just who in the fuck this Marc ‘person’ is, and how long has he been in control of his body?

Marc however, clearly knows who Steven is … and so does Konshu … of course.

Again – Marc is denying that he is the one killing people. Cause it isn’t him. It’s Jake Lockley, the 3rd ‘personality’, that Steven is absolutely entirely unaware of.   At this point, it is ‘unclear’ if Marc is aware of Jake. It would seem to me that Jake, is aware of them both. It is Jake, that Konshu is most interested in ‘using’ as his avatar, as Jake is the most willing to dish out any brand of vengeance Konshu see’s fit.

This is a great compilation of MOST of the Jake Lockley appearances, many most of you may have missed!

The video above, does a great job of catching most of the appearances of Jake Lockley.

It would seem that, Marc is somewhat aware that there is yet, another personality within that is very violent.  He lies to Steven, and pretends the ‘kills’ are all his (during the afterlife scene, on the boat). Because he is in ‘denial’ of Jake existing while still realizing that he ‘also’ created Jake.  Marc is not ready to tell Steven about the other guy, and doesn’t even want to acknowledge that other guy himself!

Like, when we see Marc running past the sarcophagus. He is aware that he has, yet another personality ‘bottled up’ inside, but does not want to deal with that right now.  Just as he created Steven, to shield him from facing the realities of his actual life, he has Jake Lockley to take all necessary actions, to keep them all safe.

In many ways, Jake Lockley is the ‘protector personality’ of Marc and Steven…

There is yet, another part of this show the video above, like many people, also did not catch.

In the comics, Jake Lockley is a Taxi driver. You’ll notice in this scene, where Marc and Steven are sharing ‘flashbacks’ of their life … that a ‘taxi cab’ is visible, off in the background of each scene.  As Steven watches ‘himself’ morph from a grieving Marc Spector, leaving his mothers wake, into Steven Grant, receiving a ‘call’ from his mum, the taxi is off in the distance. Jake Lockley, is keeping watch over them both, as they go through this moment together.

As Steven watches “Steven” stand up and walk off talking on the phone, Marc …. and Jake Lockley driving his cab, both come from around the corner.  Marc goes and stands next to Steven as they both watch “Steven” walk away.  Jake Lockley slowly drives by, ever watchful ….

Masterful handling of this material.

We are given a story, about a character with multiple personalities.  The story allows us to get to know each of them, while keeping one a mystery hiding in plain sight. When flashing to ‘the asylum scenes, we see all 3 personalities once again. Steven has the accent, Marc does not – Jake has the bandage on his nose; and is much more violent.  Again, because he is the protector. He see’s that he is ‘endangered’ and is the one willing to fight to get them all out.

Due to the abuse that Marc Spector experiences as a child, he ‘created’ personalities to help him deal with his life.  One of those personalities is peaceful and oblivious.  The other, is hyper aware – and willing to do whatever.  A two hour film would not have been enough time to properly address this subject.  (The Asylum Scenes below)

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