Is Charles Ramsey the Next Sweet Georgia Brown?

This isn’t really a laughing matter but……

Nothing like laughter to help feel better about the crazy world we are all sharing.

Enter, Charles Ramsey, a real American Hero.

I won’t lie though, while watching his interview, after rescuing 3 women who’ve been held captive for over 10 years from a neighbor – I couldn’t help but think of Sweet Georgia Brown!

Really, it’s not a laughing matter – but at the same time, damn … that shit was funny.

Especially when he (Charles Ramsey) talks about a pretty white girl running into the arms of a black man, Something’s gotta be wrong!

WOW …. Where do they manage to Find these people?

On a serious note, A few things came to mind as I looked at the information surrounding this news story, of 3 girls rescued in Ohio …. first, the recent study showing that African Americans are more heroic than other races – I guess I need to hear more details on this story but it sounds like a black man was walking down the street, heard some screaming, and decided to investigate.

He then discovered One of Three women who’ve been missing for 10 years.  Crazy story, and the man is a Hero. However, as several people on YouTube pointed out, stay tuned for the REMIX! — It’s coming! (*update 4/9/2017 – sure enough a couple days later; the Charles Ramsey remix came out; and it was all the ‘fire’ we were expecting!)

… In case you don’t know who Sweet Georgia Brown is … no worries, I can understand not knowing every single person who’s become Famous via our Pop Culture Internet Society – Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo Dat! (the Remix)


and …. The Original Interview 😉

Stay tuned (not auto-tuned) – I’m expecting more to come out concerning this Odd story in Ohio. I was actually pretty bothered by the 911 call, as it seemed the operator was in a hurry to get off the phone – while you could tell the girl, scared for her life, did not want him to get off. I always thought 911 operators had a special button to push to call the Police while keeping a caller calm till the Police showed up – maybe not the case – I’m just glad this worked out for the best, in spite of How.

That means we can enjoy clips from Charles Ramsey, and sit back and enjoy his youTube Song, debuting any day now… just wait and see.

(sit tight – got some information on Dr. Philip Zimbardo, the man who published the study on Heroic Blacks, and other super interesting studies – You’ll want to see more about what he’s been saying.)