Researching The Gay Agenda – Is it a reality or a myth?

Asking the right questions is where it always begins. The keyword here is research.

The one thing I know about the American people is, we are too lazy to do our research. I can remember the days before the internet being so accessible to everyone. I would go home and look answers up that my friends would argue about. Today, many will still argue about things that are easily solved by going to google on their smart phones. However, it is well documented that most people use their smart phones for dumb activities.

Most are not using them to ‘research’ whether or not there is a Gay Agenda – To me it’s very obvious that there is and has been a push to normalize homosexuality in the eyes of our society. From the very Beginning, the homosexual movement has compared itself to the civil rights movement – and that is where my Research Began.

I came across this movie one day, which I hope you’ll take the time to watch.

At the 1:20 mark, you will notice a Name that many people will not take the time to look up; but I did – The name is Larry Kramer.

One glance at his wikipedia page and his presence in Washington on this day makes all the sense in the world. By the time he gave this speech, literally rewarding Dr. Martin LUther King’s “I have a dream” speech, replacing all references to black or negro, with gay or homosexual, Larry Kramer had already established himself in Hollywood Media. He was already re-writing hollywood scripts, and even wrote a book, entitled …. Faggots.

This movement is often compared to what blacks have gone through, and yet I do not recall any black man or woman writing a book called, Nigger.

Yet, how often in today’s PC society are we gold that using the term Faggot, towards gays, is as bad as using the “N word” towards black people? So one day I went researching for information and came across the video I have shared with you. There is much controversy over this film. Why wouldn’t there be? The film basically suggest that homosexuals are living an unnatural lifestyle, and making every attempt to molest young boys, and feminize men throughout all levels of society.

I’m sure none of that is their plan right?

Although, it does seem to be happening more and more.

There does seem to be an unmatched amount of publicity given to this topic in our society today.

We almost cannot talk about anything anymore, from debating over whether or not same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. We’re forced to hear about whether or not gay people are playing professional sports. We’re told about all the celebrities who have come ‘out of the closet’ – and meanwhile in the face of all this media coverage, we are also told – by the very same media, that there is No gay agenda.

Take a look at some of the Sarcastic Punches the Writers over at the Huffington Post have taken on this entire Topic of the Gay Agenda.

It would seem that any suggestion by anyone, that homosexuals have an agenda is to be met with criticism.

Yet, why was Larry Kramer on the steps of Washington that day, giving that speech?

Already, I have given Americans way too much.

I’ve already typed too many words; I’ve given out links to too much information.

Americans would rather play Candy Crush or Angry Birds – or some other Dumb Ass Mind Numbing Game – anything to keep from reading, from informing themselves – from doing any Research into what is actually going on. So, I’ll share a few more ‘videos’ – since reading is already asking way too much. But, take the time to ‘consider’ what’s being presented to us almost everywhere we go. We’re being told over and over and over, that homosexuality is natural.

Many of YOU have been fooled into accepting what is otherwise, known to be a flat out lie – the pen, however, is mightier than the Sword.

Who is Alfred Kinsey?

… Never Researched him either right?

Here’s what bothers me the most.

We’re no longer even allowed to ask the question, are Homosexuals the victims of Child molestation?

How can we ever know the truth if we don’t even allow ourselves to ask this question; if we won’t ponder it – are we endangering MORE young boys by pushing so hard to make this kind of lifestyle ‘normal’ – and as we fight to make sure it’s accepted ‘everywhere’ – what will be the end result, and have we even taken the time to think about it?

I remember an almost heated debate over whether or not California should legalize homosexual marriages with a group of friends, and their white female associates. The white females were literally shocked, that I was not in favor of gay marriage – afterall – I’m black! I’m supposed to ‘side’ with gays and understand ‘how they feel’ ….

My point was simple.

I don’t want to teach little Steve to feel that it’s ‘ok’ to have gay thoughts and feelings about little Bob.

But this is the entire crux of the debate – OTHERS do want little boys to be ‘ok’ with homosexual thoughts about other boys; THEY even want to encourage it. The problem though, is these folks ‘started’ their plans and their agenda Decades Ago. Alfred Kinsey is documented. His ideas, his thoughts, his agenda is all on paper. Yet, we are repeating and teaching what he wanted – and most of us don’t even know it. We’ve been giving a lie, we have not questioned it’s origins, and we are doing great damage to ourselves and one another in the process.

Does having this information HELP YOU SEE the TRUTH?

OR does it cause you to plug your ears tighter, and cover up your eyes?

Perhaps, if more of us would actually take the time to Educate ourselves – rather than be lazy about our Education and rely ONLY on what the goverment run schools give us – Maybe we’d live in a more peaceful society. I mean just think of how many wars and how much division has been caused throughout our society, due to this Homosexual Agenda-Conversation that we are having, in almost every area of our world today.

More “videos” for your Consideration –

Yes you ‘might’ wanna do some research on the Beast 666 as well … a well known satanist, and homosexual – real high on molesting kids – and his ideas are very much connected to this movement we are now witnessing firsthand.

And WHOA … what did Lil Wayne Say???

lil wayne

….. wow.

We claim to care about the children.

Truth is, we Americans only care about our selves….