The Game is Rigged: Monopoly Matters

I’m going to share a video with you, that was shared with me – by one of my business partners out of New York. Funny, that much of this story is actually placed In New York. Please take the entire time to watch it as it’s one of the most informative films you will ever watch.

This is irrefutable evidence that the game is rigged – they’re playing monopoly but the rules are bent in their favor;  Yes this is the land of opportunity; but not everyone Can really benefit from Opportunity, In spite of what we are told.

We often fail to ask, who is telling us this?

Where do these ideas come from?  Who gave us the idea that people who’ve made all this money DESERVE It? Who is filling our minds with the idea that people at the bottom, are just not working or trying hard enough?

We’re failing to Ask ourselves these Critical Questions; so the Game is Rigged against us, and in their favor; and it’s working – because we’re NOT having the conversation; with ourselves – or with one another.

This is all OUR fault.

The 99% are allowing the 1% to rule over us – to benefit in a way that erodes any chance of The rest of us, living a fully engaged and/or purpose driven life. As Foster Gamble would put it – it’s keeping us from being able to Thrive.

Before we yell, scream and get upset at the people who are in power – let’s examine our OWN view of money; without money – you cannot play this game; any and all opportunities presented to us to improve our financial situation must be taken seriously. But getting money is just the first step; what we do with it – can make our world better; while others are using it to make our world progressively worse.