rachel nichols, maria taylor, and bill cosby all intersect

Rachel Nichols, Bill Cosby and Diversity…

Random thoughts on Rachel Nichols, Bill Cosby and Diversity…

Rachel Nichols was out of line; but I am not surprised. The amount of work that needs to be done to “Fix” us … is Huge; by Us I mean, the U.S.A. – sadly, far too many whites view black hires as ‘diversity hires’ – and not as, “that was the right person for the job hires” ….

Hopefully if you’re here reading this, you know what happened. Rachel Nichols was caught, on audio (and apparently video too) down talking Maria Taylor. Rachel claims Maria Taylor was elevated during the 2020 NBA Finals, instead of her, because Maria is black.

RDC did a skit on it; but it was in their stories on IG. I HOPE That they release that; it’s way too funny ….

Meanwhile, Stak5 (Stephen Jackson) is trippin; he should’ve said nothing at all, rather than to come out and say Rachel should’ve got that job; I actually enjoy Maria Taylor; a beautiful woman and I’ve never heard her say anything crazy – PLUS if ESPN is having diversity issues, why not celebrate ESPN for understanding, that diversity isn’t JUST about gender …… as Rachel ‘tried’ to go with.

Kwame Brown, and his whole commentary on “go along to get along” – has been spot on; it’s a huge issue within the black community; and that’s why so many black people believe Bill Cosby was out here raping women – and believe he ‘admitted it’ – when in fact, he never admitted anything of the sort; Yet, to ‘get along’ with white society, a black person feels they MUST take that stance, or be shunned by their white employers, or their white friends.

White society is convinced that Bill did it. Doesn’t take much, just be a black man, and whites will believe you are guilty.

Several years later, white people still think OJ killed his wife.  When the great Kobe Bryant tragically passed away in a helicopter crash, white women couldn’t wait to run to twitter and bring up his rape ‘allegations’.  (Actress Evan Rachel Wood, exhibit 1 of many – Vanessa responded to her vile action.)

The long history of white women lying on black men, was brought up again recently, in most of the coverage about the Tulsa Massacre.  Dick Rowland, a black man, was accused of raping a white woman on an elevator.  That’s all it took to rile white people up, to go massacre over 300 black men and women.

After all that white people have done to blacks, over all these years, they still for the most part, feel they don’t owe black people a motha fuckin thing.

Not even a job. Definitely not the benefit of the doubt.