The Return of SoPoCo (

We’ve been away for some time but the Return of SoPoCo is now here.  As some of our readers may have noticed there haven’t been many new articles posted on our pages in a few months.  Meanwhile the world has had so much to talk about, and rankly now is the perfect time for our return.  More writers are on their way to our platform as well, to discuss all of the relevant topics going on in our world. The world is ready for the return of SoPoCo (

This site is entirely and mostly Opinion driven however, our writers tend to research what they write about!

Our comment sections have been nothing short of interesting as people who clearly aren’t researching are often upset that we’re sharing these truths! We living a society that is dominated by a mainstream media that is, very much questionable. It’s what has made the claims by our new president of ‘fake news’ credible in the ears of his supporters. It’s also a topic that those who don’t support him, can agree on. The news, isn’t always reporting on what it should report on.

For example: here are a few stories the Mainstream Media just isn’t talking about.

Where is the outrage over Missing Black Girls in D.C.?

Return of SoPoCo covering Missing DC Girls

Several people on ‘social media’ have been leading the charge on this story.

CNN just got to it a day ago. However this issue was raised more than 2 months ago, by the Washington Metropolitan Police Department’s new commander, Chanel Dickerson.  She is the new leader of the Youth and Family Services Division, and just got to her post in December. She made the announcement that she would begin looking into these cases. Slowly, ever since she made that announcement outrage has began to grow.

Now, it’s at a point where the mainstream media is starting to discuss it, but nothing about this kind of reporting is new. As the has found that almost 37% of all missing people are black.  With several people fearing the worse (in DC), some good news is that, “ in most cases, the children turn up unharmed without any overt signs of being subjected to pimps, gangs, or sex traffickers“, according to Chanel Dickerson.

The Need for Black media Outlets Is Being Met (especially with the Return of SoPoCo)

This whole ‘thing’ of not fully investigating what happens to black people isn’t a new phenomenon. HBO did an excellent documentary on the serial killer known as the Grim Sleeper. Astonishingly most of his victims weren’t even being looked for by the police! He mostly targeted black women who were prostitutes. Unfortunately, we live in a society where the police aren’t really trying to stop that from happening. These same police aren’t putting manpower or money into finding out what happens to them when they go missing.

Watch “Tales Of The Grim Sleeper” below:

HBO Tales Of The Grim Sleeper. (Serial Killer) by BernhartaStahl

All while every single day, I get an update on the white teenage girl who ‘the media says’ has been kidnapped by her Teacher.  We continue to get updates on who killed JonBenet Ramsey. (In fact, they just made a movie about her – because they know people will watch!) The concern with any white woman goes missing is always present while, ignoring black girls missing is present as well.

But it’s not like we aren’t talking about these issues here. It’s time for the Return of SoPoCo.

Talking about these issues is only the first step though. More has to be done than talking, even though talking is so important. We must challenge one another to change, and to improve what we care about.  We are far too apathetic as a society from one person to the next.  This change has to happen at every level of society. This attitude of not giving a fuck about black people that continues to permeate America, has to end. Do black lives matter or not?