Sterling Brings Transparency to Racism


Talk about a refreshing perspective on all of this; I could not agree more with this one here —- It’s awesome to SEE The transparency on film; what happens so much and so often behind closed doors and; what is so often denied to even be happening, unfolded on TV last night and while I know folks are feeling all kinda ways about it, I think Mr. Jason Whitlock summed everything up so well in his article “Sterling’s Refreshing Transparency

This racism thing is really holding back the full potential of humanity; it sets the table for a scenario where a few Can dominate the Many – You see – when we End Racism – We “set the dominoes in Motion” and end a lot of the nonsense that is connected to it; Sterling is just the dude they were supposed to silence a while back but they didn’t do it. They swept the dude under the rug as often as possible; They played the “Denial-Card” several times suggesting tales of his overt racism were just rumors; because that’s how Racism goes – That’s how the game is played. Far too many participate; Know they participate; Deny they are participating; and it’s not just a black vs white issue; This is a Humanity Issue.

So I’m with Whitlock! — at first I kinda wanted him to Go away too — BUT, the more he talks, the more he is EXPOSING the Reality of What Racism Means Today – the more he is exposing the Mentality of several 1%’ers — (not all of course) —- He is clearly saying, that the majority of the owners in the NBA know how he feels, ‘and’ that many of them tolerate and possibly even agree with his line of thinking.

Jason Whitlock points out, in this entire Interview Donald Sterling’s Racist ass never once apologized to Black People. Right away, he asks – “What are you sorry about?”

RIGHT away he says he’s sorry so many people are hurt; Then he immediately goes into how his Grandchild is being treated.

He’s talking about how his “friends” are being treated – Friends who Know how this man is, and often Agree with his line of thinking.

It’s the typical, “reverse-racism-card” – The things he said about Magic Johnson were just beyond ridiculous.

Magic Johnson and Adam Silver at Clipper Game


I’ll put together a LIST of what “Big Magic Johnson” has done for Minorities soon; but his Comments there really and truly expose the Plantation Mentality – that so many still have.

It’s an awesome article though from Mr. Jason Whitlock — On the “Transparency” that all this mess is bringing to the Conversation so many folks in America do Not want to have. This is the ‘mind of an oppressor’ on display, uninhibited, unrestrained, and absolutely not politically correct – it is Refreshing, to really and truly hear – what so many Black people have been saying about our Post-Racial Society (as it’s called) — Racism hasn’t gone anywhere; The ‘haves’ feel a certain kinda way about the ‘have nots’ – who often happen to be black. There are bits of truth in what he’s saying at times, as Whitlock points out in this article — > But, what he also points out is how these ‘truths’ are often omitting the bigger picture; that the “disloyalty” in the black community is actually a Bi-product of what has happened To black people;  we are, as a society, ignoring how racism is creating so many ‘issues’ – for all people.

Maybe we need MORE from this guy, so that we can get to the bottom of this issue that continues to plague us as a species.

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