Umar Johnson hated Wakanda Forever

Umar Johnson Hated Wakanda Forever – Was He Right?

It’s no secret, Umar Johnson is a controversial figure. He gave his thoughts recently on Wakanda Forever, the sequel to Marvels’ Black Panther.  His commentary is worth a listen to, however we do not endorse sending donations to Umar Johnson for his school. We will talk more about that, in a few moments. Stating that upfront however cause while I do not agree with his approach to using a great concept, to seemingly raise money for his own personal needs, I fully agree with his take on this film.

Wakanda Forever takes away the unique special nature of Wakanda – It’s hard to not feel this is done on purpose to send a much louder message.


Let’s deal with the commentary from Umar Johnson here first.

Several of the questions posed were:

  • Why didn’t Ryan Coogler allow the role of T’challa to continue through a heterosexual black man.
  • What was his reasoning for having Shuri take over the ‘mantle’ of Black Panther ‘so soon’ rather than later?
  • A strong black man should have picked up, where Chadwick left off, instead, we are given a little black girl.
  • Almost all of the major characters from Wakanda were Women in this film. M’baku was hardly in the film.
  • Umar asks, “Where are the Kings to go with the Queens?” – was it a scheme to continue to emasculate black men and masculinize black women?
  • Meanwhile, the “Underwater Mexicans” had an Alpha male, but the Wakandans, had a little black girl.

In a nutshell, those are his major talking points and I don’t see where he lied.  Umar may be lying about that school, but he’s not lying about this film.  We talk about how Hollywood uses propaganda the push narratives and agendas all the time. Apparently that was the case for this film as well, a major disappointment for any real Black Panther fans.

Umar says that he respects Ryan Cooglar, but was real disappointed in the scripts.

He goes on to suggest ‘maybe’ the scripts are controlled by the CIA or FBI.

We skipped ahead in the video that we shared here.  In the beginning he speaks on how he did not like the first film either, cause of the role the CIA played.  It’s hard to look back and not see it the same way. Just why was the CIA allowed to befriend the Wakandans, with all the history of the CIA in the downfall of black people.  Here in the sequel, it would seem that one of the subjects, Hispanics beating up black people throughout this film, also is repeating real life. As many black people are aware that Hispanics were brought into America, mostly, to keep black society from rising up.

The message of this film: “You black people thought you were special. The Mexicans are special too. They have vibranium too, and use it better than you do!”

Sadly, most black people do not understand propaganda.  That is a message Umar Johnson has shared, for years now and it’s also true. Really, that’s the thing about him.  Umar says a lot of things that are absolutely, factually true.  He’s also right, that black people need a separate educational system to teach us about what is going on in America.  Unfortunately it does not appear he is actually planning to open that school up, that he constantly raises money for. Sometimes, the right message comes from a controversial messenger.

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