Jill Biden gives a Man an award on International Women's Day

The Agenda is Real. Quit Lying to Ourselves About it

It’s way past time people get real, and quit lying about it. The agenda is real, and it ‘might’ already be too late.  On International Women’s Day, something happened at the White House, that solidifies a pattern that has been unfolding in our society. Men are taking spots away from women.  It has gone, far beyond equal and fair treatment, for people who want to identify as something other than what they were ‘born as’. Even now, those ‘gender classifications’ are also under attack, as ‘normal’ is all but out the window. Everything is being challenged.

And this was the plan, all along.

However, there has been pushback. I’ll get into why in a moment.

Shows like Southpark predicted it. You know we are in bad times when a silly cartoon can accurately foresee the path society is on.  A cartoon drawn in the likeness of WWF superstar wrestler personality Randy Macho Man Savage, is on the money. Originally airing back in 2019 the animated show depicts a “Strong Woman Competition” for the women, that Randy looking entirely like a man, wins.

The Agenda is Real, and it’s been building for quite some time now.

Not only did we see a swimmer in the last couple years dominate a women’s swim competition who started ‘his’ career competing against the men, this award (below) happened.

Just one of many happenings since, and even before, where women are actually, literally, being replaced, by men. Meanwhile, to be totally frank here, it has been women leading the charge this entire way. Men have been voicing concerns, stating that they feel there is an agenda at work, and many of those men have been insulted to delegitimize their voice.

I’m sure there will be some who even claim what is written here, is not legit, even as it is plainly unfolding in front of us all.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he did not exist. – Usual Suspects.

In order for an ‘agenda’ such as this to work in the first place, rule #1 is to deny it exists. You can’t just openly talk about a plan, and not create roadblocks for that plan. It’s an unfortunate reality that happens to us all, even if we do not have sinister motives. However, especially if your motives are sinister, if what you’re seeking to achieve is corrupt, you’re not going to openly admit that’s what you’re working towards.

Gullible people never seem to understand that …

Rule #2 is insult/defame or mischaracterize whoever is on your trail.  Anybody on your tail, who knows what you’re really up to, needs to be stopped before they stop you! Again, it’s all about neutralizing and eliminating threats, or obstacles, between them and their goal.

There was a time, when women understood, that a man who dresses up as a woman, is still a man dressing up as a woman. Nowadays, with all of the gender wars, all of the feminism that turned into misandrist movements against men, several women are indeed, misguided. Almost anything males have to say abou tthese matters, no longer matters, and … oh what a wake up call that approaches …

You know where it’s going right? By now you see it don’t you? All spaces, that used to exist ‘for women’, that feminism fought for, are going to be taken up by Men, that dress up as women.

It’s a good thing you didn’t listen to the homophobes, right?

Girls track and field, girls swimming, women teachers, nurses, you name it, will be all to mostly filled, with ‘women’ who were born male. Hey, that’s if we even allow doctors to continue assigning gender at birth. That’s been under attack as well. There is no agenda for ‘them’ and ‘their lifestyle’ to take over though … no agenda like that, whatsoever!!