black panther takes on captain america

Black Panther Is The Dopest Marvel Character

Black Panther is the dopest character in the entier Marvel ‘comic book’ Universe. We are still awaiting to see if it will translate to the big screen. Marvel Studios finally gave us the King of Wakanda in last summer’s box office hit, Captain America: Civil War.  We are still yet to see his film, which is currently in production and will debut in 2018.

For now, dealing with ‘most’ of the source material, let’s paint the case for why Black Panther is The Dopest Marvel Character.

Vibranium is Stronger than Adamantium

Marvel geeks have had this discussion for years, but there is a frame that ‘should’ settle all debates.  Adamantium is a ‘metal’ within the Marvel universe that is stronger than, most metals known to man. It was used on a Mutant, named Logan aka Wolverine who had the ability to heal from wounds.  So, he was experimented on, and his skeleton was coated entirely with Adamantium. Meanwhile, Vibranium is a metal that also exists in Marvel’s universe in the nation of Wakanda. This is also the same material that Captain America’s shield is made out of.  Below is a ‘frame’ from Wolverine facing off with Captain America. It’s from Avengers vs. X-Men #3

Captain America vs Wolverine: Vibranium vs Adamantium

Coming right back to what makes Black Panther the Dopest Character in Marvel in a moment.

Just a bit more about the time Captain America and Wolverine squared off; this ‘series’ came out in 2012 …

Recently in 2016, Marvel released it’s 3rd film in the Captain America movie franchise, Civil War. This is based on the comic story, as are most Marvel movies but they change a few things. While this keeps us on our toes a bit, we are starting to see more and more hints that they’re going to remain faithful to the source on Black Panther. Several hints are dropped throughout the movie, for us to understand just how dope Black Panther is.  Also, in Avengers, The Age of Ultron a few clues are shared with the audience about Wakanda.  If you’re not a huge fan, or haven’t read up on all of the source material that is sitting online you’d miss these clues.

In his fight scenes, you do get an idea that Black Panther is the dopest character in Marvel. Winter Soldier struggles with him, Hawk Eye cannot phase him (or hit him with his arrows; he never misses). He tells Captain America to move out of his way, because he understands who he’s fighting. T’challa (Black panther) knows Cap is the kinda guy who’ll make you kill him. What happens in the film though, is while trying to fend Black Panther off with his Vibranium shield, T’Challa’s claws cut through the shield.

A few clips from Captain America Civil War, featuring Black Panther

(you can read more about the Origins of T’Challa, King of Wakanda here)

There was also a cartoon version, created a few years back that has also shown Captain America losing to Black Panther. There are scenes in the Avengers Cartoon series that also show how no ‘hero’ can take him on. All of this, isn’t even getting into how intelligent he is.

Perhaps, the biggest reason that makes this character the dopest in Marvel is the impact.

When we take all of this in, and understand how a character like this needs to be discussed more. (Watch this recent discussion on Mental Health Issues in the Black Community. Do black males need more positive role models to look up to?)

For black boys in America, they are constantly told through several mediums that they are not good enough. Blacks are often cast as criminals, thugs with no future or cowards. In several films that feature white casts, the black character gets the fewest lines. They’re often the most disposable as well.  Unfortunately in a society seeped in white supremacy, most are not considering how this impacts black people, other than the ones who know and do this on purpose.  When you read up on the history of the character created in 1966 before the Black Panther Party, it’s hard not to appreciate the full story.  We live in a society that is so heavily propagandized.  So many lies have been told…. 

It’s to the point that our most popular article on SoPoCo is filled with arguments over who are the first true Americans.

The ‘symbol’ of the white American male as hero is personified over and over in American movies and television.

This is especially true with comic book heroes, Captain America being a personification. He has no actual powers, and simply was injected with super soldier serum. That means he’s not invincible, and yet, he seems to be one of the toughest people on earth (in Marvel’s earth).  If we go into D.C. Comics, you have Batman who also has no ‘powers’. He’s just a Billionaire, (similar to Ironman) and apparently is so intelligent that he’s created the dopest ‘gadgets’ ever. He’s even got a Batcave, and Batmobile’s like you wouldn’t believe! Tony Stark, meanwhile has an Iron suit and makes the best weapons on earth.

To go beyond Humanity, even white males from Outerspace i.e. Superman are praised through these ongoing stories.  In a world where so much destruction has been caused by white men, they would come up with a story about a white man from another planet, saving us all!  Then there is Thor, Marvel’s comic book story imagining the Norse god and their entire ‘universe’ as real.

Thor, a white male with blonde hair has super human strength while on earth, because he is a god. You get my drift. There is an ongoing narrative throughout the stories that have been told which put white people on a pedestal. Because the same narrative extends to characters like Wonder Woman or Ms. Marvel.

wonder woman and ms marvel
Both Wonder Woman and Ms Marvel get the ongoing narrative of white heroism. It’s related to the old blonde vs brunette (which white woman) is better debate. This often leaves out all other women, who are not ‘considered’ blonde or brunette

Marvel in my opinion does a better job of diversifying it’s characters.

There are plenty of strong black heroes in their universe, like Luke Cage, Storm, and Blue Marvel. If you’re unfamiliar, Blue Marvel is actually a somewhat new character, created by a black writer debuting in 2008.  Even though I really like what they did with his story, Black Panther is still the dopest Character. The Blue Marvel story almost confirms it, because he gets his ‘powers’ from space.

Black Panther is Wakandan.

Black Panther, Dopest Character in Marvel

He is one of several warriors who literally are not to be fucked with.

Their storyline reminds me of the Spartans from 300.  They are an entire nation of warriors, who protect their nation from outsiders.  It’s as if Stan Lee was trying to tell us something, and I’m not surprised the movies have held back so much, so far.  Because there are so many powerful stories within the story of Black Panther.  That’s what I appreciate most.

The story, is one that black people should consume even if it’s a fantasy. These kinds of stories need to be told, to help black people identify with the heroes in their daily lives. The imagination is a place that is fought over. Most television programs will never show the kinds of things that a Black Panther comic would. The power of images is well known, to those who run this society. In a society such as this I am thankful Black Panther exists. Even, if he’s just a marvel comic book character.