The White Washing of Black Music

The other day I Tweeted about what is currently the white washing of black music. This is nothing new, as there is nothing new under the sun.


But, take heed Black rappers; you can now kiss the idea of growing up to be a rapper good bye; These jobs and openings will soon only be going to white people such as Justin Timberlake, Justin Beiber, this guy rapping in the video above – G-Eazy …. and it looks like the road paved by Vanilla Ice and Eminem is finally paying off for white people. Let’s be honest, Miley Cyrus dating Mike Will Made It was not news to me, I pay attention to the signs. She was already twerking and hanging out with black people… which is always where it begins. The acceptance of white people into black culture; and the black community is just how we roll …

We are some of the friendliest people this earth has seen; and many would also say, some of the most Exploited —-

It’s all been plotted and planned really – I’m not saying it’s wrong of us to be so welcoming; but I hope we know what to expect by now; I mean hey, how many times does a snake need to identify itself as a snake; or  a scorpion for that matter — the real issue historically of course is not the inclusion part; but it’s when suddenly we find ourselves excluded from something we created; Hip Hop was taken over a long time ago; exploited as a way for big brand names to sell their shit to black people; our black dollars have been Leaving the Community ever since; and Rap, the style of communication in all hip hop music has been used to push the agendas of people who care nothing for our well being.

Rap is being used to sell everything under the sun and everyone is making money off of it but our people; the final nails may now be in the coffin …

If only they can find a way to replace the athletic black quarterback …. one that can RUN and Throw the ball down field ….

… hmmm