Tristan Thompson's Ridiculous Hat

The Media Asked Tristan Thompson All The Wrong Questions (Game 3 2017 NBA Finals)

Tristan Thompson is in the middle of a VERY forgettable NBA Finals.  After having a break out season last year, he has found himself feeling himself all the way. He’s dating a Kardashian, and from one look at his outfit, he thinks he has made it! Which brings us to this conversation today.  Why is the Media asking Tristan Thompson All The Wrong Questions after this Game 3 Loss to the Golden State Warriors?

Below we have a list of questions, to go with the biggest 2 First question …..

“Tristan Thompson, what the fuck bro?” …..

Tristan Thompson Game 3 Outfit

Ok – second question, much more serious; “Tristan, is there a reason that you felt it would be acceptable to continue wearing hats and wild outfits considering how you’re playing right now?” ……

Watch. All these questions; All the Wrong Questions though …..

Dressing like this is a privilege that is reserved for actual stars. You have to ball out like Russell Westbrook to get away with dressing like Russell Westbrook. James Harden has put in enough work, to show up wearing the kinda outfits James Harden was wearing.

OK, maybe not really but still … they’ll get a pass is all I’m trying to say, even if they shouldn’t really get a pass.

Because they are balling.

Tristan Thompson, what, the fuck bro?

For real.

You can’t come to the arena like this, and put up these numbers in the Finals bro!

You can’t put up these kinda numbers, AND wear outfits like that Tristan …

… in my Yeezy inflating voice impression;

Even Cam Newton’s dress code, which got way out of hand came under serious questions after last season. Everybody, can’t do everything!  Someone close to Tristan is failing to tell him the truth, so we had to. Take off that silly ass hat bro. Come to the arena in a regular fit, focused and ready to earn your fame.