making america great again means making america hate again

Making America Great Again: What Does That Mean?

When people get to talking about making America GREAT …. again …
(originally written March 20, 2016, left in Draft Mode)

I already know most of them have no idea what that means.

Black people Made America Great; along with all of the non-blacks who stood with us, as we Turned America into the “Land of the Free” – with “Opportunity for All” ….

Had it not been for the efforts of the NAACP – and several Civil Rights Groups; As well as the Great Spokesman of our Cause, Min. Malcom X; as well as the Black Panther Party – who all Collectively worked to Make America what it is today; a Nation where ‘all people’ do have ‘a chance’ ….

…This nation would still be on some “Whites Only” stuff.

Because that’s what America was on….

making america great again means making america hate again

We are regressing though….

As our School Systems confuse our kids more and more each year…

As our Government continues to become more and more corrupt ….

As our Police revert back to their Old ways of Hunting black folks down and Lynching/Shooting us – Once again, it is black people at the forefront of Trying to Wake America up and Show America itself In the Mirror.

The response of having a black President in Office for 8 years; and the #BlackLivesMatter movement; naturally is a resurgence of KKK ideals; of dreaming of the ‘good ole days’ when America was for white people only ….

… When anyone white could kill anyone black; and not face punishment OR ridicule; those ‘good ole days’ – that so many Americans actually do long for; because as a Nation we’ve never challenged those ignorant, hate filled, racist ideas, at the same level that we do OTHER hateful ideas.

Over the past 20 years; I’ve watched society change it’s views on homosexuality. I’ve seen a ton of effort put into changing our views too. It’s often discussed how there aren’t many ‘good black television shows’ on TV; how there really aren’t a lot of Great Parts for Black Actors in Movies; But we’re not allowed to point to just how many roles are opening up for Gays and Lesbians; Which I’m not against. I just understand the Power of the Medium that is television; I just know that if more effort really was put into showcasing the dynamic diverse excellence that is black people; those who hate us so much, wouldn’t be able to so easily influence their kids, grandkids, and great grand kids, with their hateful, outdated idealogy.

If the same effort was made to Showcase how “Normal” Black is; How black is JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE – fewer white people would ‘support’ any talk of Going Backwards; More would have embraced our Current Black President’s Theme of ‘Forward’ – which he ran on for Re-election….

However this is not possible, when black people aren’t even in a position to make those decisions, most of the time.