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What Is A Woman? America Has Gone Crazy

Let me start out by saying, America has gone crazy.  I’m about to share content from someone who, I’m pretty sure I would not agree with on several subjects. Especially any topic that comes to race or racism, like many conservatives, Matt Walsh is pro white supremacy. Meanwhile, most liberals, especially the white ones, are anti-black in different ways.

Their anti-blackness tends to emerge in how hard they go for ‘other groups’, that aren’t black.

Such is the case, when it comes to homosexuality. Somehow, this like so many things in America, has become (and has been) political. It’s one of many dumb things we do in America. When a pandemic hit us in 2020, we took sides based on politics.  Trump said it wasn’t real, so conservatives took that position.

Then ironically, when the Jab came out, Biden said everyone should get it.

It was developed, and ‘fast tracked’ by Trump, but since Biden was endorsing it, liberals shamed anyone in society who didn’t want it.  We’re not making decisions wisely anymore.  This ‘latest debate’ is more evidence of what should be obvious.

What is a Woman? – It’s a question we really should not be debating, but we are.


The ‘trans man’ in this debate, is clearly flustered by simple questions.

Matt asks him, what made him decide that he was a woman.  The man answered, saying he heard a woman (another trans man) on a podcast talking about her (his) experiences. So, the feeling did not come from within, he heard someone else talking about it, and then decided, ‘yea that’s me too’.  Matt asked him why he needed to hear this from another trans man, instead of from, a woman.  You can see the flustered frustration.

In fact, in summary, he explained that, because the people he associates with, go along with his fantasy, they are right, and everyone else, is wrong. But it’s crazy to think that way, when it’s pretty obvious, that if anyone does not agree with this person, they will insult them, and bash that person, to the point, they won’t be in their circle.

Dave Chappelle upset the trans community with his commentary on this matter. He said something like, you can decide to feel however you want to feel about yourself. But other people do not have to participate in your delusion.

I guess, that he called it delusion is what made them so upset. But, it is a delusion.

Matt Walsh visited, another platform I do not agree with. Sitting down with a well known anti-black racist to discuss his documentary, “What is a Woman”.


It’s obvious, that we have gone crazy in America.  Just cause a guy throws on a dress, takes some hormones, and decides one day that he, is a she, it does not make that a fact. Facts however, don’t really matter to us in America.

Once again, the pandemic has proven that. Prior to the pandemic, I’d say the election of Donald Trump, exposed this as well. Conservatives, who have always touted themselves to be the ‘party of Christian Values’, voted in a man who’s been married/divorced multiple times. Donald’s wife had posed nude in magazines, and there was the ‘grab them by the pussy’ audio, that we all heard.

None of that swayed people from voting that guy into office cause, ‘facts’ don’t matter.

Not to us, in America. We just want to be right … even, if we are wrong.  I write all of this, not to bash people who identify as transgender, although many will see this, in that light. According to them, you either go along with their delusion, agree with them on what they say truth is or else, you are attacking them.

It’s total bullshit, and that is why truth, and facts matter so much. We cannot have sensible honest debates, when truth and facts are no longer important. When those are no longer determining factors in ‘who’ is right.  America has gone crazy. Absolutely, bat shit, crazy.

Should trans people have the ‘right’ to exist in our society? Of course, I don’t see why not. I wouldn’t support any form of actual hate, or violence directed at them. The problem however, is them being dishonest about the matter with the rest of us.

You know you should not compete against girls in sports competitions. All of you know you were born a male, and that you’re just dressing up as the ‘other gender’.  If you want to do that, fine with me, it’s not hurting anyone.

But when you’re taking opportunities away from women, or expecting straight males to be interested in sexual relationships, you’ve gone too far. When you’re bashing men, or women, for not agreeing with your fantasy, you’ve stepped over the line. It’s no longer about society oppressing or harming trans people, at that point. At that point we need to examine how your actions are harming others, cause you’re not stopping at the outfits.