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Secret Invasion Comes Out Swinging (Episode 1)

Going to ‘try’ not to post spoilers but, same time, if you’re online knowing this came out, you are taking a risk. Secret Invasion, staring Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury is out. Personally I feel it was a strong opening episode. Once again, just in case people dropped by here and have not seen the show, you are doing so at your own risk!!

Don’t want to waste other people’s time with all the disclaimers however. Cause yea, sadly you gotta take responsibility for what OTHER people do nowadays.  Folks are so Irresponsible; and in a way that’s how I feel Secret Invasion is setting up. Much of this IS on Fury; he’s the one who made the ‘deal’ to help these Skrulls out….

Now, it’s backfiring.


The most pressing question, is How long has Ross been a Skrull?? Is his Wife (Victoria Fontaine) a Skrull too?? OR was this ‘recent’ … ? Have Skrulls already taken over the US Government? Is that why they wanted to get ‘more’ out of Wakanda? —- Secret Invasion is about to make phase 4, more interesting than it was, for a lot of people. Possibly even informing us that most of what we have seen so far, is not what it appears to be.

Shout outs to #CaptainMarvel fans — lots of people hated on that film, and already this show is displaying how important that movie was. Mainly for those who did not know it was important or were in denial. Many got upset that the Skrulls weren’t evil already; that they dared to show us that some, are actually decent beings – but to Me, that was always a great twist.

I already could see them setting up, what they’ve set up. I figured ‘eventually’ a faction would break off from the peace loving Skrulls, and just start replacing people. Similar to what happened in the comic story (that I never read) and the cartoon (Avengers Assemble) that I did happen to watch.

Also loved that they set that film in the 90s, cause it meant the Skrulls had been here, the entire time.

Additional Episode 1, Secret Invasion Thoughts …

Great casting of Richard Dorman, better known as Beric Dondarrion from Game of Thrones. I thought he was Talos talking in the opening scene. They have the same voicebox almost; I’m sure that was on purpose; especially with such a limited role. Also, RIP Maria Hill.

I was waiting for her to turn into a Skrull too but, it faded to black. Maybe that’s how it opens next week…. ?

Secret Invasion is off to a great start; Fury is already cuttin up – he is one of the most Underused characters in the MCU. Nick is finally getting his chance to shine; which, I hope sets him up for more screen time in the films that are coming – but … we’ll see what happens. I like how it’s started out. Secret Invasion will have 5 more episodes. This could make Phase 5 far more mysterious than many expected.