Avatar Way of The Water is a worthy sequel

Avatar Way Of The Water Review by SoPoCo.net

If you have not seen Avatar Way of the Water yet, it’s Thursday.   You really should not be on the internet, unless you want spoilers.  This will not really be a in depth spoiler, just a reaction to what I saw, this past Sunday.  I was on YouTube, saw a poll from Screencrush; about 45% of people voted they had no plans to go see Avatar. (the poll may change over time…)

Part of me gets it cause the other one came out 13 years ago.  Really, it was one of the first films you HAD to see in 3D. I think the people who didn’t, can’t really appreciate the version on the regular TV screen to understand.

I remembered that first one …

Since, there was a LOT of ‘talk’ that a sequel was coming; felt like it was just never gonna happen.  Then they dropped that trailer a few months back. I already knew I was gonna go see it.
Avatar speaks to many Realities about OUR own world; and the Mindset of White Supremacy.  The idea that they have the RIGHT to take anything they see and use it as THEY see fit; with No regard for others.

– The movie gave me what I was hoping Wakanda Forever would give me; but as it got closer to the release of that film, I already knew the Black Panther sequel was gonna disappoint. So I kept my Dollars to myself;

Which means I have extra money to go see Avatar AGAIN … cause I sure tf am …

IT’s an EXPERIENCE ……………..

If you’re on the fence, let me just say, GO SEE IT — and make sure it’s at ‘least’ in 3d …

My NEXT trip will be to the IMAX after these crowds die down – cause I already heard it’s EVEN BETTER in Imax!

It’s the BEST use of 3d I have seen so far!

James Cameron MIGHT be the goat….. the man’s resume already speaks for itself; and by the time people SEE This film, More might just agree. He’s beein talkin SHIT about Marvel for a few years now ….

and he went out and BACKED that shit talk up ….. I promise you.

I WISH The MCU took visual effects as seriously as James Cameron.

The movie LITERALLY Transports you to Pandora, for 3 hours, and you don’t even FEEL the time go by …. I didn’t check my phone not ONE time …

Every Frame is visually stunning …. and almost none of it is real; but you actually cannot tell …. and again; the 3D is so good, many scenes look like they are happening RIGHT in front of you ….
The Story is well done too; again … the same ‘theme’ overall is present; the Natives and the Colonizers … a story I can relate to in so many ways ….. I was moved from the Opening … and entertained all the way to the conclusion.

GO SEE IT!  ….. thank me later.

Here is a ‘real review’ of Avatar The Way of the Water – from Screencrush. again – Spoilers …