What’s Coming To America Now?

Growing up one of my favorite films was Coming to America with Eddie Murphy.

It was a comical take on growing up with wealth and having your entire life planned out for you. Even the person you were set to marry was chosen for you and prepared their entire life to serve you. While this seems like a dream life for so many people, for those who have this kind of life it’s not always appreciated nor desired. That is what our main character realizes in the film and sets out to “Come to America” to find a bride for himself.

He wants someone who loves him for who he is – and it’s such a comical ride that we often forget to think about the very serious underlying story. Most people are just seeking love, and they want it to be real and not manufactured.

Many people could say, our President-Elect was born into the privileges similar to the Prince portrayed by Eddie Murphy.

Meanwhile several of us who saw what happened throughout the campaign are left wondering just, what’s coming to america now?  Is America about to Slide back into the days of Jim Crow Segregation and Internment camps? Is another recession coming, like the one just before Bush left office?

Several questions that are remaining to be answered, and the appointments are not making any one feel ‘better’ about what’s coming to America.

However, we’ll be here to discuss it with you and hope you’ll drop in to discuss things with us.

We are looking for more writers and will get things more active around here – since there is truly So much to discuss.

For now I remain thankful for our freedom TO discuss. The exchange of ideas has always shown itself to be the only way to truly improve upon our imperfect union.  All who are truly interested in Making America Great Again, have to first admit it never was all that great. Then we can begin the work towards making it great for all.

Here’s to all of us, and what’s to come!