Smart Guy talks Crack, Music, Harming black people

Smart Guy Discusses White Society’s Impact on Black Minds

Recently, Smart Guy, has a clip going super viral on the internet. He’s speaking on how the white society has found new ways to undermine the black community. From using crack to destabilize black people in the 80’s, to using music in modern day, for the same outcome.  Many black people don’t even see it coming at them, as false narratives are pushed, about blacks NOT being victims.

Here is that clip, with Smart Guy, speaking on the impact Music is having on black people

I like what this young brotha has to say here.  He’s also largely influenced by the Nation of Islam.

Not all black men in America are. So, to expect all or most black people to have this mindset, is unrealistic. As he mentions, white society has thrown a WHOLE Lot at black people.

I’ve always said, that yes, our fight is two pronged; on one side we do have to find ways to overcome the obstacle thrown in our path; on the other, we have to also stop saying No obstacles are thrown in our path ‘if’ we expect to ever, ‘overcome’ them.

Too many people want blacks to NOT claim victim status; EVEN as black people continue to be, raped by America —

— Jackson Mississippi — known for its highly black population; recently went through a water crisis; that is still happening.  Just like it is in Flint; ever since Obama was in office.  Flint, also a highly black populated city; and yet … White society finds MONEY and RESOURCES for everyone but black people.

  • Billions have been sent to Ukraine.
  • Immigrants are being bused all over the nation.
  • FIGHTS are breaking out in NYC Shelters, which again, are filled with black people that America has beat down to the ground… and the fights are breaking out with Immigrants who’ve been sent there, to take THEIR resources they barely have.

As people continue to say, Nothing is being done to black people.

That black people need to get over slavery; it was 200 years ago.

None of those people want to discuss Jim Crow, which only began ending in the late 1960’s; many states Continued the practice well into the Late 1970’s – and frankly, the practices have actually CONTINUED into 2022, just, more covert, and under different names……

Drugs, and Guns, are still being brought into neighborhoods with black residents; who are locked out of society.

— quick example… (similar to what Smart Guy used too)

Schools in mostly black neighborhoods are often Underfunded; this ensures these kids will NOT have the same start in life, as the white kids are getting. People will say nothing is happening to black people …

Many of those black neighborhoods, especially in the LA area, are no longer, mostly black; back when I was growing up in the 80’s, LA was bringing in tons of immigrants; with a plan, to replace black people – Our ancestors told us that is what was happening.

Now that I am on the verge of turning 45, it’s clearer than ever before; as more and more places Employ one race, and not the black race; often have managers of one race; who do not hire blacks – I hear of issues my loved ones deal with in the work place, with non-black bosses and supervisors.

But people will say, nothing is happening to black people …

Black people need to quit being lazy; need to overcome these obstacles, that they say, do not exist; even if they do. This society PUSHES black people towards crime, then CONDEMS black people for making the only choice many have to make;

…. Cause the School failed them; Off top.

It put non-blacks in front of them; made sure THEY were able to get to the next level of education; but Failed the black students; robbed them of hope; ensured it wasn’t likely they’d attend a University – ensuring they will not have a Degree

cause….you know … JOBS require those degrees; so by not funding the schools; by ensuring those black kids would not grow up to get degrees; they ensure those blacks are not “qualified” for employment; and the only way they can eat .. is if they turn to crime; but we say, shame on you black person – how dare you engage in Crime …

.. when you live, in the land of opportunity.

Here is the Full discussion, the viral clip of Smart Guy is from.  It adds even more context to what has gone viral.  He speaks about his own upbringing, and how not having loving parents put him on a negative path.  So many black people have the same story, but, no one intervened for them. Or, they made choices that took them further down the wrong road – a road they were set up to travel; Set up to fail.