The “A” Team and The Crystal Controversial Skull

So… for starters, let me share one of my Favorite TV Shows as a child …. an episode from The A Team, called The Crystal skull, which begins with our A Team’s general Hannibal and Mr. T … B.A. freshly ‘lifting’ a Crystal Skull … and well here’s the Whole Episode …

Pretty Damn Cool Right?

Sharing a FULL episode from … the A Team… via NBC. Thank you for making that possible technology. Sorry for the Commercial breaks but it seems they have found a way to get paid on FREE – truly the internet has become television, and what do ‘we’ do with it?

Hey, what Can’t we do with it right?

Keep that in mind the next time you feel limited in any way – The internet is our friend; we just have to treat it like one.

What’s this have to do with Crystal Skulls….? Glad you were still wondering.

Pretty controversial topic in and of itself there – depending on what you’ve read and researched.. or even ‘if’ you have at all.

I heard they contain … ‘energy’ …

Not sure enough to ‘make someone a god’ … however I did find it interesting that the skull was for some ‘king’ of a place named… Barack (12 minutes in); and also that the ‘natives’ were under the ‘control’ of the Monks; using religion to keep them in line…

Is any of this controversial enough?

Without actually linking anything up, or really tying anything together, I think I left enough out there to be pretty Controversial because that’s part of what I do – it’s part of my commentary, absolutely not P.C. – using religion to get people of the same … island and background to war with eachother… shame. Capturing others (their brothers) and letting ‘the man’ do what he wants with them; putting them to work mining diamonds; for the wealth and enrichment of others; (Not their brothers) … hmmmm

Yea, I guess even the A team was trying to tell us something….