Brainwashing Takes Time But Time Will Pass Anyway

Got a few related videos that I’d love to share with you… from “The Trap, What happened to our Dream of Freedom?”

This is going to be good –

Brainwashing The masses takes time – but that time will pass anyway 🙂

One awesome video I came across a few years ago, is the Century of The Self, a BBC Documentary.

Often I like to reference this one, BUT it’s 4 hours long and let’s face it … Americans do not have time for a 4 hour Documentary.

They’ve got brainless tv shows to watch!

The TRAP – F*ck You Buddy – Part One.

Yea, so what you “may” be starting to realize is that in order to brainwash people, you gotta study people first; Let’s be honest – Americans spend very little time studying people (Or anything at all) – So when we think about what’s happened to us; sure – We can easily say we cannot help what has happened.

BUT now that you’re being made aware – You’re being called to help Free others.

The TRAP – The Lonely Robot – Part Two

Sound Familiar? ….

When we think about what is happening – and act like we don’t know why it’s happening; we’re actually doing nothing – when we should be doing something. Turn Off The TV!  Reject Chaos, and Embrace Order – let’s return to real freedom – ok I’m being super utopian –  There is SO MUCH going on that without the kind of information being shared in these 2 previous videos, you and I can’t really do much; SO – what CAN we do?

The TRAP – We Will Force You To Be Free – Part Three

We Can Do Something.

We always can.

It starts, with you and I – and the choices we make – from here on out.

It’s going to take time, but that time will pass anyway. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

We have to recognize the programming that is happening; so that we can fight against it;