Yeezy on "New Slaves" - prisons for profit in America

Yeezy on SNL and Prisons For Profit That Harm The Black Community

Fuck you and Your Corporations Yall Niggas Can’t Control Me! – Yeezy on SNL


Did we just witness something historic??

Kanye performed on Saturday Night Live doing his New Song, “New Slaves” and I’m telling yall … we might have just seen something major – if we were paying attention; In case you missed it – here you go, courtesy of Hulu …

this is Just days after The Song was Leaked all over the Internet via Cell phones as people in New York were the first ones to see and hear the new song; it was shown on the side of a Building – and apparently, they filmed that whole experience too; and put together an official video.

Fuck you and your Hampton House 🙂 – Just Saying Yeezy, you might’ve just Said something there – Speaking of which … the Privatized Prison income Opportunity Ye’ is speaking about is something I recently read about, on facebook – one of those stories that’s gone viral so to speak, and by now lots have heard about it – right? How Hip Hop is benefiting financially from sending people to Jail?

Well just in case you are unaware of the story – here’s a summary –

Mark Dice reads the entire story here – and it’s actually good that he did so; saves me from having to type it out for you – unless we revisit this topic at a later Time. This story gave me chills when I read it initially; Pictured with the story were the original members of NWA (Niggas With Attitude) – dressed like anything but, gangsters. It almost is leaked with the story as if to say, “hey this is how they Used to look, before we had this meeting….”

The Secret Meeting That Changed Rap Music and Destroyed A Generation

Like I said – it went Viral; a friend of mine had it on his page; I shared it on mine; I guess quite a few people did it and so it got picked up – by someone who covers a lot of related stories – conspiracy guy; I’ll be honest – Not sure if I believe there are people who Conspire against the rest of us; there do seem to be a lot of fingers pointing at folks though; and a lot of the stories make sense logically speaking.

Rap Music is a diverse form of expression and yet – largely much of the focus that mainstream rap music has always been on One Aspect; rather than showing its True Wide and Diverse Aspects – where today almost any and all ‘conscious rap’ gets no airplay whatsoever. The industry today rakes in Millions (if not Billions) of dollars each and every year – and none of it goes into benefiting the community that rap stems from; this story suggests worse – that rap has been used to harm that community further; in order to produce more Music – based on certain stories; while continuing to silence the other forms of expression; and the stories that are not being told, at least, on the air.

Doesn’t look too good if you ask me… anyways, that’s just a few things to consider, as you and I get our week under way –

Happy Monday Everyone – From The mind of KingC

*updated 2/14/2022 – Educate yourself more on Prisons for Profit. Especially if you’re part of the ‘what about black on black crime‘ … crowd.

This was written, before Kanye started having ‘episodes’, saying stuff like “Slavery was a Choice”, and showing glowing support, for Trump. Knowing what he was talking about, ‘long before’, it would not make sense to partner with someone like Trump. It would appear that neither political party is meeting the needs of the black community right now. Showing support for ‘either one’, makes no logical sense. However, as we’ve stated, The black vote has no power, right now – read that now!