Breaking Bad Coming To An End

On the heels of winning an Emmy for the Best Drama on TV, Breaking Bad is Coming to an End Next Sunday.

What an end it’s coming to, too … Gotta say, for me I loved Robert Forrester showing up as “the guy” – the guy that disappears people.

In fact, I’ve been a fan all along of the storytelling with this show. How everything unfolds and come together, and makes sense. It’s a tragic story though.

A man turns to fast and quick money to leave his family something, after learning he’s going to die.

It’s sad because there’s just no way this can end well… and so far, it’s not.

Check out “Talking Bad” recapping the ‘next-to-last’ episode of Breaking Bad.

A good conversation, about a really good show, that’s coming to an end real soon. Gotta say, I’m looking forward to how the writers are going to wrap this up, But I’m expecting fireworks. Walter White is gone, and only Heisenberg is left now. How will it end? Who else will die? Who will survive??

We’re all going to find out – and I’m looking forward to it – just as so many others are too. 75 Minutes – should be SUPER good – loved what Don Cheadle said about the show in its entirety – I totally agree.