Rachel Madow Blows the Whistle On The Heritage Foundation

Is the Heritage Foundation the New KKK? It would appear to be that way. Now Rachel Madow does not actually go there, so … I’ll take us there on her behalf.  She started out her show, by exposing  real Racism influencing the policies of the Heritage Foundation – one of the most influential ‘think tanks’ for right wing conservatives.

This is not a good look for the Conservative Party – and this is not me taking a chance to suggest One side is ‘better’ than the other – More often than not, we are stuck having to choose the lesser of two evils. Let’s begin with Rachel Madow blowing the whistle on the Racism fueling the Heritage Foundation.


Now, thanks to youTube … something interesting came up in the ‘related feed’ …

Take a look at a comment from Paul Weyrich, who is  known  by those that are very politically informed, as the “founding father of the conservative movement.”… and for the rest of us, we’re just now finding out who this guy is and below you can see what this guy says…


This is simply more evidence that is mounting up, telling those of us who’ve always known this, that our feelings were correct. Racism has not gone away – there have just been more inventive ways to practice it, and get away with it. while much of the conversation on Rachel’s show centered around immigration reform, and opinions on the Hispanic IQ …  the entire conversation seems to totally ignore that black people are still feeling left out of the American Dream – and are generally left out of all conversations entirely.

In fact, black people are no longer a threat to “Modern day Manifest Destiny” – today the threat are the Hispanics; perhaps this is a good time for black people to organize and start movements; while ‘the man’ is distracted fighting another battle? …

Make no mistake, voter suppression is real; and it’s not JUST aimed at blacks; It’s aimed at anyone who’s not siding with their agenda; that’s what ‘voting’ is all about; and really that’s all Paul was saying – so why not back Policies and Laws that will PREVENT people from voting, being informed, or wanting to make a difference by casting Votes?

Makes sense to me – I mean if that’s your goal; why not go about it in that manner???

David Icke said it best –  when it comes to Oppression, they (the oppressors) always start out by doing it Openly, and when that becomes a problem – they do it in a more Subtle way instead; it has the same effect – if not even more so; because the result is still being achieved. It’s always, all about the RESULT.

It may not be in your face; it does not have to be; As long as the goal is achieved …

Let’s all pray for sanity. There has never been a country that is so blind to the reality that we’ve always had this problem; It won’t go away on it’s own. The world knows it. It makes us look silly trying to police others, when we cannot truly love one another for the content of our Character – here at home.

Let’s all be thankful for the Rachel Madow’s, willing to call out the ones who are seeking to hold the rest of us back – let’s continue to hope for more like her to emerge.

Let’s also pray, that the ones at the top wake up and realize, that they cannot be on the Top without other people; That if they’d take better care of other people; It’ll only benefit them that much more – Let’s hope for Clarity – thanks for dropping by