The Culture Matters From Phil Jackson 11 Rings

The Culture matters. That is one of the main points illustrated in the new book by Phil Jackson 11 Rings.  Howard Cosell once stated that “Sports is human life in microcosm.”  To me it has always been fascinating to study the difference in Franchises that seem to win time and time again, while others seem to always have a seat in the Lottery. Year after year, in spite of awesome new talent entering the league some franchises seem to be able to make several appearances in the NBA Finals, and Hoist Larry O’Brien Trophies. It never fails, and several people look at this and decide that a FIX Must be in. Most people seem to have the view that the teams that win all the time have more money than other teams. If that were all it took, The Dallas Mavericks would have ran off several titles by now – or the Sacramento Kings – what about the Portland Trailblazers, their Owner is Paul Allen for Christ Sake!

Clearly more than money determines who wins and who loses.

Phil Jackson says it’s the Culture.

Culture is from the root word for Agriculture – which means to grow or, cultivate. Cultivating takes time and if you know what you’re doing, anything can be cultivated.

Much of what a cultivator cultivates has to do with the environment.

This is the difference between the teams that win and the teams that lose. This is the difference in life. When we think about the world Culture, we can apply this to Race.

Race is actually illusion.

What’s real, is Culture. We’re all actually the same – but our Culture is different.

Culture is determined by environment; A change of environment WILL Change culture.

Several key points about this are made through Phil’s new book, and it’s no secret to why he’s been able to win 11 Championship rings; Again several argue its because he had the best players. The truth is, there are great players on every team. When a great coach arrives he pulls the BEST out of those players; and often that makes them better than everyone else. The Best coach understands environment; and he creates the right environment for the best to come OUT of those players; and that’s so much like life.

We look at our world and often get hung up in who is winning and losing; but forget entirely about the environment that people are living in.

This environment determines everything – We’d actually see more people winning if more people were in winning environments. While this book from Phil Jackson 11 Rings is about the Culture of winning organizations in sports; Much can be said about how we all have the power to create more Winners in Society; simply by taking a closer look at What we each can do to make the environment better.

Could smiling more actually help your environment?  Could making sure you put trash into the trash can help? Could sharing kind words, or inspiration do anything to make the environment you and I are part of, better? These are the things winning organizations do, to set them apart. The little things really do matter. We forget about these little things and if we’re not in the right environment; this will never be pointed out.

This is a great book and a great tool that can be used to HELP put the focus where it belongs; regardless of what path each of us are on in life.

Here’s an exceprt – where You can see Phil Jackson did things to Change the Culture of the Lakers, when He first got there.

In this clip, you can hear an example of …. Cultivation – He needed to create an environment that would get these players to pay attention, and come together.

They used meditation and yoga, to bring these players into “One Mind, One Breathe” ….

Certainly this except will excite you – Pick up Phil Jackson’s 11 Rings Here